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Halloween Food Costumes That Will Make You Look Spooky And Delicious

Hot Girl Summer is finally over, making way for the beginning of fall. Now there’s a distinctive autumnal breeze in the air, and everyone has pumpkin spice lattes on the mind. But there’s also another delicious event on the way – Halloween.

Spooky season is upon us, which means scrambling for an iconic Halloween costume. Don’t worry, though. We have you covered. If you have a calendar full of parties, you probably want to wear something that’s more treat than trick – something that makes you the life of the party. So ditch the scary outfit for something sweet, or savory.

Spiders, skeletons, and terrifying jack-o-lanterns make for the perfect decor, Halloween desserts, and cookie decorations. Whether you’re making mummy nutter butter cookies, cupcakes from the crypt, or witchy delights, we know you’re prepared to create delicious snacks. But you also have to remember to look like one, too. When it comes to costumes, most people opt for pop culture references or funny getups.

So if you want to stand out, throw on one of your favorite meals this Halloween, because these scary delicious ideas are incredible. Take a peek at these celebrities for some chic and delicious inspiration. And take our word when we say these tasty looks will make you the biggest hit this Halloween.

We scoured the internet and found the best Halloween food costumes; take your pick.

Chinese Take Out Box


This is for those unafraid to create a wave of cravings.

Whether you love lo mein, orange chicken, or some delicious dim sum, when it comes to Chinese food there’s something for everyone.

And that’s exactly why this costume is bound to be a hit, no matter where you go.

Whether you’re going trick-or-treating or to the biggest Halloween party in your town, a Chinese take out box will be instantly recognizable. Plus, it’s bound to encourage people to make a late-night order on Postmates.

Buy it for less than $45 here.

Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich


The perfect pair.

If you’re planning on bringing in spooky season as a duo, look no further than the most successful pair of all time. Peanut butter and jelly are no longer relegated to toast.

Now you can spread them on your body.

According to one reviewer, “this costume excels at being identifiable, becoming closer with your sandwich partner, and enjoying yourself.” You could even pack your own PB&J sandwiches for a cannibal twist. After all, it is Halloween.

Buy it here for less than $40 here.

Calling All Bacon Lovers


If you love umami, you’ll love this costume.

Everyone has their own way of showing their love of bacon. This year, you can take that one step further and be bacon.

This costume allows you to be the biggest bacon-lover on the block.

One guy even inspired a chant, while wearing this fit. People passed him on the street, shouting, “Bacon, bacon, bacon!” This costume is paleo-friendly, keto-friendly, and low-carb! It doesn’t get any better than that.

Buy it for less than $25 here.

Milk And Cookies


Couple costumes have never looked more delicious.

Speaking of delicious duos, if you want to make a splash with a friend, partner, or even your mom, this outfit is a slam dunk for any twosome this Halloween.

Why’s that?

A choc-chip cookie and a carton of milk will look great even if you lose your partner in crime. But if you’re dedicated to the bit, stick together for ultimate impact. Oh, and did we mention that’s extremely high-quality milk you’re wearing?

Buy it for less than $30 here.

Life-Sized Cupcake


Is a colossal cupcake just a cake?

This delicious look isn’t just pretty. It will have everyone’s sweet tooth on red alert. A lifesize cupcake costume with lashings of pink frosting, pink tulle, and a pale blue cupcake liner makes for a pretty, color-coordinated look.

Get ready for heads to turn.

So if you want to skip the trip to the bakery and just be the bakery, this costume is for you.

But it for less than $30 here.

A Giant Pickle


Now, where’s the chicken sandwich to pair this with?

Be a vision in green with this mouth-watering pickle costume on Halloween. You may have to swat away people who have a soft spot for these salty and sour crunchy cucumbers.

But you’ll leave a lasting impression.

One reviewer wrote, “Getting drunk in a pickle costume is now off my bucket list.” We want to see the rest of that list…

Buy it for less than $26 here.

RIP Avocado


No guacamole shortages here.

Holy guacamole, you’re bound to get a reaction or a round of applause for this look. Dodging jokes about avocado toast might be worth it, as you wear one of the most luxurious and celebrated fruits of this generation.

And everyone will know exactly what you were going for.

Perfectly ripe with a healthy-looking seed, this avo ensemble might not be creamy, delicious, or the perfect accompaniment to some chips, but it is exactly what you need this Halloween.

Buy it for less than $20 here.

The Perfect Pair


This Halloween, bring the wine tasting to you.

If you’re the type of couple that loves to wine and dine, look no further than this fancy costume. One person can dress up as the biggest bottle of wine ever seen.

The other can be a delicious hunk of European cheese.

And it comes with its own Halloween twist. The cheese costume comes with its own knife and boy, is that dark.

Buy it for less than $5o here.

Sushi Hand Roll


Someone might try to eat you.

If you love a classic handroll with salmon, rice, vegetables, and wasabi, then this design has you covered for Halloween. Roll into any party looking like the freshest piece of fish at any Japanese restaurant.

And get ready to be the life of the party.

Whether you like your sushi crispy, spicy, doused in soy sauce, or with a hint of ginger, this roll can be whatever you want it to be and more.

Buy it for less than $20 here.

Sexy Pancakes


Breakfast is always being served.

There is nothing more satisfying than a big stack of pancakes with a hunk of melted butter, so wear this costume with caution.

People may mistake you for all-day breakfast.

This visual delight may inspire an impromptu pancake cook-up or a trip to IHOP because as reviewers say, this print is nothing but realistic. “Butter looks real, do not bite,” one customer writes. “[It] does not taste like butter.”

Buy it for less than $30 here.

Meat-Free Burger


You thought it was impossible, but it’s here.

The Impossible Burger has finally made its way to supermarkets, allowing us to eat better and save the world all at the same time.

So why not celebrate this step forward for humankind with an ode to meat-free burgers?

Do it with a meat-free costume this Halloween? This ode to a cheeseburger can be anything you want but be warned, it will make everyone hungry.

Buy it for less than $25 here.

Let’s Talk About Spam


The best kind of canned meat brought to life.

Simultaneously the most controversial, trendy, and celebrated canned meat in the world, Spam means something different to everyone.

And this Halloween it can be your costume.

This ensemble is an ode to Hormel’s most divisive product that has become a stalwart for some Hawaiin, Asian, and Indian cuisines. It’s found on menus everywhere. If you’re not a believer yet, you’re about to be.

Buy it for less than $35 here.

Breakfast Duo


If you feel too lonely to be a strip of bacon on your own, find someone to be your egg.

Breakfast is the best meal of the day. And if you want to evoke the happiness of a diner serving all-day breakfast, this couple outfit is the way to go.

Eggs and bacon are an unbeatable duo.

So if you find someone to don this outfit with, you’ll have people talking until next Halloween. Find a stack of pancakes at the party and let them join you to form the party’s first-ever throuple. We’re all about breaking boundaries this year.

Buy it for less than $35 here.

Taco Dress


Mexican food never looked so good.

Some people take looking attractive on Halloween quite seriously. But is there a way to combine being sensual, funny, and delicious all at once?

Don’t worry, we have you covered.

This taco dress defies logic and has you playing the filling wrapped inside of a soft taco shell. If you’re a fan of Mexican food and want to look spicy this year, this outfit has your name on it.

Buy it for less than $30 here.

Spicy Sriracha Bottle


Condiments are extremely important.

There is nothing more beautiful than a full bottle of Sriracha in the cupboard, and finally, there’s a costume to celebrate that feeling. This short red dress is figure-hugging and on-brand for everyone out there who wants to look spicy instead of spooky this Halloween. In fact, you’ll spice up the whole party.

Buy it for less than $30 here.

A Bunch Of Grapes


A classic costume, perfect for any event.

Whether you love your grapes white or red, there is a costume to match your mood. This bubbly look will have everyone smiling even though you’ll take up too much room and bump into everyone.

But who can be mad at a bunch of grapes?

Beware though, this costume is very poppable. Just don’t stand next to anyone holding a costume cheese knife.

Buy it for less than $45 here.

Bite Marked Donut


Someone took a chomp out of this one.

Donuts are delicious, so we aren’t too surprised that this costume comes with a chunk bitten out of it. And obviously, you want to look comfortable, delicious, and pretty in pink.

There’s no reason to pass up this ensemble.

Pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles aren’t exactly scary but are they necessary during Halloween? Always.

Buy it for less than $30 here.

Hello Hotdog!


Who doesn’t love this American classic?

This detailed and realistic hotdog costume isn’t just perfect for Halloween. It will also come in handy throughout the year.

Complete with a drizzle of mustard, it just needs some ketchup to finish the look.

But some relish and onion wouldn’t go amiss, either. One happy customer noted, “[I] wore for Halloween, [and] it was a huge hit!”

Buy it for less than $25 here.

Very A-Peeling


Banana costumes don’t get any better than this.

According to one person who purchased, “The day I got this banana suit is the day my life was complete.” It can fit anyone from a 14-year-old to someone who is 40.

And it is bound to bring everyone around it boundless joy.

If you like being the center of attention, stand out from the crowd in bright hues of yellow and turn Halloween into the spookiest night into the year into the cheeriest.

Buy it for less than $15 here.

Chin Chin!


You know what they say; you are what you drink.

After spending time with a crowd of ghouls, witches, and goblins, seeing a tall, frothy glass of beer will be nothing if not refreshing.

Get ready to turn heads looking like a tall glass of stout with this costume.

This suit is full of hops and happiness. It’s completely alcohol-free, though. We don’t condone drinking and driving, but the rules around looking like a tall drink while driving are a little unclear.

Buy it for less than $25 here.

Seasoning Is Vital


Consider this a tasteful hint.

No table, no meal, and no party are complete without some salt and pepper. Whether you’re trying to drop hints about someone’s bland cooking or poking fun at your own poor culinary skills, grab a partner.

Dressing up as these seasoning heavyweights will not only be memorable.

It will also make people out their seasoning-averted friends. And there’s nothing spookier than finding out someone doesn’t add salt and pepper to their food.

Buy it for less than $35 here.

Are you inspired to don some Halloween food costumes this year?

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