24 Harry Potter Food Gifts For The Witches And Wizards In Your Life

October 02, 2019

The world of Harry Potter has captured the lives of many all over the world and it’s no shocker-it’s seriously magical. Die-hard fans even know which Hogwarts house they belong to (proud Hufflepuff here!). Fans who truly love the franchise may have taken it one step further to really immerse themselves in the Harry Potter world and have made a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando or Hollywood. As fun as exploring Diagonal Alley sounds, there are plenty of gifts out there to bring the Harry Potter experience to your very own home. You can get Hogwarts house leggings for yogis, sorting hat charm bracelets, The Boy Who Lived comforter set, and so much more. And for the Harry Potter foodie in your life? From Harry Potter dinner plates to coffee mugs, the possibilities are endless.

Here are 20 food gifts perfect for Harry Potter fans.

1. Potions Master Wizard Cauldron Black Vinyl Decal Set For Stand Mixer


You may not be able to take Snape’s potions class, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a potions master.

Decorate your mixer with this magical vinyl decal.

Get the potions master vinyl decal for under $15 here.

2. Hogwarts Oven Mitt


If you’re constantly cooking your meals in the kitchen, you’re going to need an oven mitt to protect your hands. The oven mitt is double-sided with a simple outline of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Are you ready to make some magic in the kitchen?

Get the Hogwarts design oven mitt for under $13 here.

3. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook: From Cauldron Cakes to Knickerbocker Glory


Yes, the world of Harry Potter is fictional but that doesn’t mean the treats have to be. With this cookbook, you can learn how to make Pumpkin Pasties from the Hogwarts Express, Mrs. Weasley’s Molly’s Meat Pies, and much more.

Easily whip up 150 recipes that even muggles can enjoy.

Get the unofficial Harry Potter cookbook for under $11 here.

4. Owl Salt and Pepper Shaker Kitchen Set


Familiars play a crucial role in the books and now they can have their very own place in your kitchen. These owl salt and pepper shakers are absolutely adorable.

They even have magnets in them so they stick together.

Get the salt and pepper shakers for under $13 here.

5. Tervis Harry Potter Group Charms Tumbler


Not only are reusable cups good for the environment, but these Tervis tumblers are perfect to take your drinks on the go.

So sip some tea in this tumbler with Harry Potter and friends.

Get the clear Harry Potter tumbler for under $15 here.

6. National Etching Mischief Managed Wine Glass Set


This stemmed wine glass set is perfect for fans who enjoy a glass of wine. And with the etched Harry Potter phrases, you don’t need to worry about the design wearing down over time.

Seriously, what’s better than Harry Potter and a glass wine?

Get the mischief managed wine glass set for under $32 here.

7. Sorting Hat Heat Change Coasters


Protect your tabletops with color-changing coasters that reveal different Hogwarts houses. All you have to do is put a hot drink on the coaster and watch it reveal a house before your very eyes.

Enjoy a drink and find out which house you belong to.

Get the sorting hat heat change coasters for $10 here. 

8. Cauldron Soup Mug with Spoon


Eat your soup like a true witch or wizard with this cauldron-shaped mug. It comes with a lid and spoon to complete the perfect little soup set.

You can use it to eat or drink or for decoration.

Get the cauldron soup mug and spoon for under $15 here.

9. Organic Bamboo Cooking and Serving Utensils Set


This natural cooking and serving set comes with five different utensils complete with Harry Potter designs, such as Hogwarts, a game of Quidditch, and Harry Potter’s stag Patronus.

Say goodbye to plastic and hello to this eco-friendly set.

Get the organic bamboo utensils set for under $15 here.

10. House Crests Tumbler Set


Represent your favorite house with one glass or the entire four-piece tumbler set featuring each of the Hogwarts house crests.

This set would pair perfectly with the color-changing house coasters.

Get the house crest tumbler set for under $20 here.

11. Harry Potter Cotton Dish Towel Set


This red and green dish towel set features the Hogwarts crest and gold falling stars on each one. You can use them in the kitchen or bathroom to bring more of a Harry Potter vibe to your home.

It’s not Christmas yet, but this towel set is perfect for the holidays.

Get the house crest dishtowel set for under $14 here.

12. Harry Potter Coffee Mug Set


This white and gold mug set features the Deathly Hallows symbol and Harry Potter’s stag Patronus. Similar to the towel set, these mugs also have beautiful gold falling stars all over them.

Drink your daily cup of coffee in pure Harry Potter style.

Get the Harry Potter coffee mug set for under $24 here.

13. Marauder’s Map Porcelain 4-Piece Place Setting


We have a few gift ideas for drinks, but now it’s time to complete the entire Harry Potter dinnerware set with this four-piece Marauder’s Map place setting.

The place setting set includes a dinner plate, a salad plate, a bowl, and a mug.

Get the 4-piece porcelain place setting for under $30 here.

14. Polyjuice Potion Stainless Steel Hip Flask


It might not be Polyjuice, but you can make your own cocktail and use this stainless steel hip flask to carry it.

The hip flask is perfect for those special outings from parties to cookouts.

Get the stainless steel hip flask for under $19 here.

15. Witchcraft and Wizardry Cookie Cutter Set with Recipe Booklet


Bake your way to a more magical life with a three-piece cookie cutter set fully equipped with a recipe booklet.

The set includes a witch’s hat, owl, and lightning bolt cookie cutters.

Get the cookie cutter set and booklet for under $10 here.

16. Harry Potter Candy Mold Kit


Chocolate frogs were the perfect way to cure sadness in Harry Potter and they can in real life too. This candy mold kit allows you to make chocolate frogs and bees and lollipops in the shape of owls, lightning bolts, wizard hats, rats, and glasses.

Fulfill your sweet tooth with these Harry Potter inspired candy molds.

Get the Harry Potter design mold kit for $25 here.

17. Harry Potter Stainless Steel Water Bottle


Sip on water or your favorite beverage throughout the day with a double-walled vacuum sealed water bottle and Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

Stay healthy and hydrated with this Harry Potter water bottle.

Get the stainless steel water bottle for under $20 here. 

18. Hogwarts Houses Color Change Tumbler Glass


This Harry Potter glass has an outline of the Hogwarts crest in black, but when a cold drink is added, bright colors magically appear.

The glass design features the Hogwarts crest with all four houses.

Get the color change tumbler glass for under $13 here. 

19. Marauder’s Map Porcelain 3-Piece Canister Set


The three-piece canister set is Marauder’s Map themed with three different sizes: small 5”, medium 6-½”, and large 7-½”.

Use the canister set for small knick-knacks or dry foods.

Get the 3-piece porcelain canister set for under $97 here. 

20. Marauder’s Map Heat Reveal Ceramic Coffee Mug


We have another heat reveal kitchen item to end our list. This maroon ceramic mug makes the Marauder’s Map magically appear when you pour in a hot beverage.

Just like the books, this mug reveals the rest of the Marauder’s Map.

Get the heat reveal coffee mug for under $18 here. 

21. Harry Potter Coasters

Muggles and wizards will love placing their beverages on these adorable coasters.

The magical coasters are made from absorbent ceramic stone to absorb drips or beads of water and stay dry.

Get here for under $20.

22. Harry Potter Candy Fantastic Gift Box

While we haven’t been able to find our acceptance to Hogwarts, this gift box is the next best thing.

Inside, you can find 4 box of Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s Beans, 2 Box of Jelly Belly Butter popcorn flavors jelly beans 1 Pack of Harry Potter Jelly Slugs,Tootsie Pops, and much more.

Get here for under $35.

23. Jelly Belly Harry Potter Jelly Slugs Gummi Candy Slugs

Forget spells, all you need to spread happiness is purchasing this for your loved one.

This is the kind of collaboration we live for. Jelly Belly and Harry Potter teamed up to bring this magical treat to life.

Get here for under $25.

24. Harry Potter Full Body Mug Limited Edition

Curl up with a cup of hot chocolate, whipped cream, and have a movie night.

We truly can’t think of a better way to watch the Harry Potter films than with this in our hands.

Get here for under $15.

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