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LaCroix’s New Hibiscus Flavor Is One You’ll Either Love Or Love To Hate

What’s that noise? Oh, it’s just the sound of the cult of LaCroix cheering (and jeering) somewhere in the distance. Yep — it’s that time again — when the LaCroix brand releases a new flavor. Look, the phenomenon of the sparkling, “naturally-essenced” drink brand is pretty weird. People MADLY AND UNAPOLOGETICALLY love this stuff, no matter how freaking awful and weird the company is (like when they made jokes about disability or offended people with their Cuban-inspired cans). Not to mention the time the company got sued because of allegations that its drinks contain cockroach insecticide.

The drama goes on and on.

It seems LaCroix just needs a darn win, huh? Hopefully their new sparkling flavor, HI-Biscus, will do the trick. The oh-so-Instagrammable brand announced the new flavor not 24 hours ago (before teasing a blank can three days earlier, getting fans riled up). Guess what? The internet has all the feelings.

For one, why is it called HI-biscus? Are we supposed to say Hi? Hello? ‘Biscus? Can we not say Hibiscus? Anyway.

The company wrote, “Thank you for the overwhelming response. Please welcome LaCroix’s newest innovation HI-Biscus! HI-Biscus will soon be available starting in the Western United States.”

I guess us thirsty East Coast folks are going to have to wait for the drink. And while we wait, we’ll just have to return to all their other more normal-named flavors before posting pictures of the super cute bubblegum pink, yellow, and green can! (We can see the photograph now.)

Here’s what the internet is saying. In CAPS.

Some fans are here for the flavor, which, by the way, will probably taste a little bit like nothing, just like the rest of their flavors. The stans are stanning, though.

Of course, some LaCroix fans are pretty self-deprecating. Is LaCroix basic?

Fans have had some other good ideas besides hibiscus, like green tea. Paging LaCroix: Green. Tea.

Other LaCroix fans sat on the edge of their seats expecting watermelon. And we can’t blame them. Why wouldn’t they have a watermelon flavor?

There was no end to these sorts of replies, either. No. End.

Going back to the issue around the name, fans came up with a strong theory around HI-Biscus. Tell us, LaCroix. Tell us about the essence!

Good questions, guys. IS THIS ESSENCE A LIE?

Maybe it’s just a good way to make a cute dad joke about flowers? Who knows.

Maybe the company was inspired by these loony jokes that were tweeted well before the flavor was announced? HI! Biscus!

So, what do you think about the new flavor? Were you expecting HI-Biscus, watermelon, or something else? Are you in agreement with the haters?

Or are you down for this new, floral, fruity flavor? Do you stan LaCroix no matter what?

Let us know — and when you do, be sure to say HI, Biscus! (Sorry, had to.)