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This Video Showing How To Eat A Pineapple Without A Knife Will Drive You Insane

If you enjoy pineapple, there’s a good chance you grab it pre-cut, or even in cans. The real thing is just too intimidating and potentially dangerous, so why take the time cutting it correctly when someone’s already done the hard work for you? Well, a new video that’s been making the rounds may make you think twice about how to eat a pineapple.

Pineapple may be one of the most popular tropical fruits around.

Even though it’s often tied to Hawaii, that connection is because it’s one of the first locations that canned it. It was reportedly named due to the fact that it looks similar to a pine cone. But, it’s far more delicious. (I mean, I’m guessing. I’ve never actually eaten a pine cone before, just for the record.)

It’s also popular for strange medicinal reasons.

Any pregnant and overdue lady out there has likely gorged themselves on the acidic fruit because pineapple is said to jumpstart labor. At the very least, it’ll help your Vitamin C levels.

So, how do we know so much about pineapple when we may have been eating it wrong this entire time?

The video in question was initially uploaded on TikTok by user @dillonroberts22, but quickly made its way to Twitter so that people could openly react.

Caution: There are a lot of mouth noises, which some of you may be sensitive to.

So, instead of cutting the pineapple… all you have to do is pull it?

The whole visual is oddly disturbing, since it’s a total game-changer for the fruit.

Good thing the sound isn’t totally necessary for the video. For some, it can only be watched on mute.

Seriously. Mouth noises are a huge pet peeve to a lot of people.

It was so bad that it almost took away from the main show.

And since nobody has seen anyone eat a pineapple this way before, that says something.

Even with the noise, it inspired more people than ever to buy pineapples.

Because, when you see a trick like this, you want to try it out for yourself.

We wonder if the original uploader knew that the video would end up educating people all over the world.

This is the perfect way to eat a pineapple like a snack. (Just make sure not to bring one into a movie theater or a library, since as you’ve figured, it’s not the most silent snack in the world.)

Hey, if it inspires more people to eat pineapple, that’s a great thing.

Aside from being high in Vitamin C, it also helps your eye health, your digestion, and your bone strength.

One person already did a Twitter tutorial, which is very funny. In it, she admits she’s learning way more from Twitter than from formal education. (Just so you know, this one may be NSFW.)

But still, it didn’t work for everyone — and that may have to do with ripeness..

This mom’s commentary is way too good.

Many videos have proven it’s not impossible.

And each and every single one will make you crave pineapple more than you ever have before.

Since the original video started with the top off, a lot of people are having difficulty with getting things started.

So, along with ripeness, it may require a bit more skill before you master the pineapple peel.

If you want to try it at home, you may want to wait a few days. It seems like those who are too eager to try it out are the most disappointed, likely because they just came home from the store.

The type of pineapple may also make a difference. So, you might want to conduct a little research before you buy.

Those of you with apple trees or pear trees may want to think of fun and innovative ways to eat fruit, because it’ll drive interest.

This simple video has intrigued everyone who’s seen it:

To be on the safe side, you may want to pick out a couple of pineapples and see how much of a difference age makes.

Make a study out of it, and get all the information you can — because after you master the pineapple eating challenge, you’ll never go back to eating it the old boring way ever again.

It makes you wonder how many other foods out there you’re eating incorrectly.

Who knows how much extra pressure we’re putting on ourselves simply by grabbing a healthy snack?