Jennifer Lopez’s Birthday Cake Will Make Your Wallet Scream

July 25, 2019

Pop a bottle of your finest champagne/bodega sparkling wine, ‘cos we’re celebrating half a century since this world was blessed with the goddess of eternal youth that is Jennifer Lopez. The singer, dancer, actress, talent show judge and one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People of 2018 threw a fittingly fabulous 50th birthday party on July 24th, alongside her fiance Alex Rodriguez.

Even the venue acknowledged Lopez’s status among music legends: the party went down at Gloria Estefan’s mansion on Miami’s Star Island, with 200 guests summoned by what Ryan Seacrest described as a “gold and glitzy” e-card invitation. Naturally the overall theme of the party was also gold — the only possible option for a queen of 50 years.

Everyone arrived at 7 p.m., according to Page Six, except for Lopez and Rodriguez who rocked up stylishly late at 9:30pm. Rodriguez welcomed the guests to a sit-down meal with a toast. This being J. Lo, Page Six reported that the entertainment portion of the night involved professional dance and singing performances, followed by a waterside fireworks display, and then a set by DJ Cassidy. You better believe the birthday woman was right at the center of it:

J. Lo’s not too cool to dance on her birthday:

But one guest of honor we need to talk about: the cake.

TMZ reported that Lopez rang in her fifth decade of being incredible with a ten-tier, gold-covered, vanilla rum cake from Divine Delicacies, filled with dulce de leche and finished with a Swarovski crystal topper proudly declaring her name and age. Yes, we said gold: 24-karat edible gold. It took five men to carry it in, and reportedly cost $10,000 — although TMZ couldn’t get the bakery to confirm that. And of course there weren’t just candles, there were sparklers:

Even the birthday song was cooler than yours.

But among the celebrity glamour were some really heartfelt moments, like when her twins, Emme and Max, sung to their mom:

Prompting their own fan club:

Plus basically every moment with Rodriguez was dreamy:

Naturally, Twitter approved.

And had serious FOMO.

Our golden invite got eaten by the spam filter too:

That said, we have limits:

Invite or no invite, this was an event for everyone:

Well, those of us who can afford to party on a school night.

She’s set birthday goals:

And being-50 goals:

And she’s not done yet. Lopez tweeted her thanks to her guests this morning, and added that the party isn’t over:

Here’s to another 50!