Jennifer Lopez’s “10-Day Challenge” Sounds Ridiculous

January 25, 2019

If Jennifer Lopez dares to challenge us to eat no carbs and no sugar for ten days we will honestly delete all of our socials and go into hiding. What? We didn’t hear you! J.Lo and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez recently challenged some of their BFFs to partake in their 10-day challenge. That means those challenged must go without all sugars and all carbs for ten entire days and like…come on. This is crazy, right?

“This 10-day challenge is starting to get lonely, so we’re challenging YOU! Join us 😉. 10 days, NO sugar, NO carbs, are you up for the challenge?” J.Lo captioned her January 23rd Instagram video. No, J.Lo. No we’re not.

Lopez and Rodriguez started the 10-day challenge on January 21st, meaning they’re a solid five days in. They’ve been sharing updates via Instagram and things seem to be getting easier as the challenge progresses. “So it turns out, when you don’t have sugar and you don’t have carbs, you’re really really hungry all the time,” Lopez said in a recent Instagram Story. “So we’re trying to figure out a lot of good snacks.”

The couple have encouraged their fans to get on the bandwagon and called out a few friends, including Leah Remini and Hoda Kotb, to join them on the quest.

“Are we starting to lose our minds? Maybe … just a little,” Rodriguez captioned his 10-day challenge post. Haha…no sugar and no carbs? Maybe a lot, A.Rod.

Leah Remini, host of A&E’s Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, responded to being challenged in the comments section of Rodriguez’s Instagram post. “No I’m not up for it,” she commented, per Delish. “Gonna go eat now…maybe a plate of pasta, some cookies, but you all enjoy ;).”

And Kotb responded on the January 24th episode of TODAY. “First of all, I’m excited and I want to do it,” Hoda said while sitting with her cohosts at the round table. “I think if y’all are my friends…we should all do this together…and once we do it, we will challenge someone else.”

But Savannah Guthrie shouted, “Okay. No caffeine? I’m out.” Same.

But even with Remini out and Kotb on the fence, J.Lo and A.Rod still have a ton of people willing to jump into the challenge with them. Just look at all these brave souls.

We are sending all our thoughts and prayers to you guys. Let us know when you make it out at the other end.

OMG. Bye Joe!

Hm…okay. But what about tasty pasta and yummy lattes? Those make us feel good, too.

This would be us on hour 2. Sorry, we’re too hungry to go to the gym.

We’d be like Brandy over here. She started out stronge-ish:

Then ended things abruptly. And also lied a little bit? We support it, TBH.

You can’t actually mean no carbs, J.Lo and A.Rod. A world without carbs doesn’t exist to us.

These are our kind of ladies. Should we all meet for brunch?

Although “diet” can mean many things, we’re all about Christine’s “anti” attitude. Christine 2020.

Like, guys, we couldn’t even manage this challenge. Who are we kidding?

We know J.Lo and A.Rod will find success in their 10-day challenge campaign. But there’s no way in heck, hell, and heaven we will ever jump on board. Try again next year.