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Everyone Made Fun Of Justin Bieber For Not Knowing How To Eat A Burrito, But Turns Out It Was A PRANK

UPDATE (10/28/2018 at 11:18am PST): Because nothing is sacred in this world, that viral photo of Justin Bieber eating a burrito from the middle was, in fact, a prank. YouTube channel Yes Theory was behind the photo, which starred a Justin Bieber lookalike. They decided to create the prank to prove that tricking the entire world is actually pretty easy. Point made, Yes Theory. Point made.

Houston, we have a problem. Justin Bieber, the Biebs, good old J.B., clearly doesn’t know how to properly eat a burrito. Having attacked his tightly-wrapped bundle of savory goodness from the middle, we think this is a big enough emergency that we should get to go home early.

On October 24th, Bieber was captured sitting alone on a New York City park bench eating a burrito in the most questionable way possible. Delicately cradling the thing horizontally with both hands, Biebs took his first bite from the dead center. This is surely a sign of the End Times. It was nice knowing you.

Is he going through a crisis? Is this act a cry for help? Let’s not panic yet. There are a few possible explanations for why Bieber believes this is the correct way to eat a burrito.

Perhaps he has never actually seen anyone eat a burrito in the 24 years he’s been alive on this earth. It’s hard to believe that he could avoid such a thing being the worldly man he is. But who are we to judge his apparent lack of life experience?

Or maybe this is not Justin Bieber — but rather an alien who only ever had access to photos of Justin Bieber while crafting his human disguise, and is now trying to pass for a person here on earth, but just blew his cover with this burrito fiasco.

Really any explanation will do at this point. We honestly just need ~something~ to make this feel even a little more okay.

We’re sad, we’re scared, and we pray that someone shows Bieber the light. If any of you brave souls set up a “Teach J. Biebs how to eat a burrito” GoFundMe, please share the link so we can donate.