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Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom’s Relationship Began Thanks To An In-N-Out Burger

One of the best things about Katy Perry is that she’s not afraid to admit she likes a good burger every once in a while. And it seems like one particular fast food restaurant (which serves some of the best burgers, FYI) is responsible for her relationship with Orlando Bloom. Here’s the full story.

Bloom and Perry, who are currently engaged, met at the Golden Globes back in 2016.

The two sparked up a few rumors back then, and as Perry admitted to Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live, it was all thanks to an In-N-Out burger. Yum. Bloom had the audacity to steal an In-N-Out burger from Perry’s table, but he was forgiven. Because, as Perry admits, he’s “so hot.” Maybe the petty theft was a good way for him to strike up a conversation.

If that was his goal, it worked — albeit, a little later.

Perry ran into him again at an afterparty, and asked him, “How are those onions resting on your molars?” It might not sound like a pick-up line that’d work, but it did for Perry.

The two were more or less inseparable since then.

Even though there were rumors of a breakup at the end of 2016, they proved to the world that there was still a spark.

Anyone who doubts that can just check out her ring.

It’s possible you may not have realized they were still together, and that may have been intentional. The two had a second split that was confirmed in 2017, but it seemed to be more about space than anything else.

Perry just couldn’t quit Bloom, and wanted to make it work.

The two officially announced the news on Instagram. Well — sort of.

Perry’s ring is a little non-traditional, so fans weren’t completely sure at first if she was announcing an engagement or just showcasing a gorgeous new gift.

Perry told Kimmel that she voiced her opinion when it came to the ring.

He proposed on Valentine’s Day, right after they ate dinner.

Bloom actually took Perry into a helicopter to pop the question.

And he managed to rip his coat pocket getting the ring out, making the moment even more memorable.

After he proposed, the helicopter landed on a rooftop, and his whole family was there.

So, good thing she said yes.

Perry said that she was “adventure buddies” with Bloom, which is why they’re such a good match.

It also explains those… interesting canoe photos that came out of the couple during their first year together.

Bloom and Perry already live together, and Perry admitted that she’s already thrown out some of his more disgusting items — one being a 10-year-old toiletry bag that never got refreshed.

Even though Bloom was a little upset with her, it’s understandable — something about a decade-old opened toothpaste seems a bit unhygienic.

So, it’s safe to say that the two of them have hit In-N-Out more than a few times since they started dating.

Those on the West Coast can’t get enough of the popular chain, but knowing that one might spy Katy Perry there makes it even more tempting to visit.

Fans were ecstatic that she openly credited In-N-Out. It makes her even more relatable.

And it also proves that fast food can lead to a real connection.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your soulmate at Wendy’s this weekend.

A lot of people are also joking that In-N-Out should be Bloom and Perry’s wedding venue.

Maybe they could at least cater.

Honestly, it wouldn’t be a first for the popular eatery.

Plenty of people have used In-N-Out as their wedding theme, and even took some memorable professional photos after the vows were said.

In-N-Out also offers a food truck. If you didn’t know, well, now you know.

An In-N-Out buffet? Not only is this a photogenic scene, but it’s making me a little hungry.

If In-N-Out is so willing to cater weddings, just imagine the stops they’d pull on Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s big day.

In-N-Out, you might want to give them a call and see if you can arrange something special.

Even if In-N-Out’s not present on the big day, it’s nice to know that the chain had a big part in bringing Perry and Bloom together.

Who knew that a cheeseburger could be so life-changing?