Katy Perry Is Now Part Owner Of Bragg Live Foods

Katy Perry Is Now Part Owner Of A Famous Food Company

Katy Perry and her to-be husband Orlando Bloom just became co-investors in Bragg Live Food Products, Inc., a Santa Barbara South Coast-based food brand. Perry and Bloom are members of an investor group consortium — which includes private equity firm Swander Pace Capital, growth-oriented investment firm Dragoneer Investment Group, and Hayden Slater, the founder of Pressed Juicery — that purchased Bragg earlier this month.

Patricia Bragg, who has been the CEO of Bragg Live Foods for the past 65 years, will continue to serve as CEO and is excited to see the company prosper under new management.

“I have spent my entire adult life traveling the world, sharing the Bragg mission with people everywhere, and teaching the benefits of living a truly healthy lifestyle,” Patricia Bragg said in a statement per Santa Barbara’s Noozhawk. “I am so thrilled to partner with [fellow invesotrs] Swander Pace, Katy and Orlando, Dragoneer and Hayden to bring Bragg products to more people. Everyone needs to take control of their health to live a long, vital, happy life.”

“This is a very special moment for our brand, and I can’t wait to reach millions more people worldwide,” she said.

Perry has known Bragg since she was a young girl. In fact, Bragg gave the pop singer her first guitar.

“My mother introduced me to Bragg products, and it’s been a staple since my childhood in Santa Barbara and continues to be a wellness remedy in my professional vocal career,” Perry said in a statement via Noozhawk. “I’m deeply familiar and aligned with Patricia’s mission to make the world a healthier and better place, and I am so honored to have the opportunity to be a part of the team that will bring the magic of the brand to a new generation of consumers.”

Bragg Live Food Products, Inc. was founded in 1912 by Paul Bragg, a health advocate. You may recognize the brand from your apple cider vinegar bottle.

“For more than 100 years, Bragg Live Foods has been crafting simple, clean and affordable natural products to support a healthy and vital lifestyle,” the Bragg website reads. “Using only the best certified organic ingredients and live foods, we have built a product family that includes our popular apple cider vinegar as well as salad dressings, nutritional seasoning blends, olive oil, aminos, beverages and more.”

“Since 1912 we’ve been on a mission to help people adopt a healthy lifestyle through optimal nutrition.”

“She is potentially one of the most authentic and remarkable people I’ve ever met,” Orlando Bloom said of Patricia Bragg, who recently celebrated her 90th birthday, in the above promotional video. Judging by her wardrobe alone, Bragg is absolutely all about life and positive vibes.

We do stan Patricia. She’s one of the best female entrepreneurs in the biz.

“Cheers to @bragglivefoodproducts,” Perry wrote in a June 26th Instagram post. “Patricia Bragg gave me my first guitar at the age of 13 in Santa Barbara, and now @orlandobloom and I are so proud to be part of her next chapter. Just like the gift of music, the gift of health keeps on giving.”

People are thrilled that Perry is getting involved in Bragg, Inc. It’s yet another way she can add more positivity to the world.

She’s the queen of many realms. A true icon of the modern age.

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We definitely think a champagne toast is in order. Or perhaps an apple cider vinegar toast.

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Plus, we can absolutely get behind Bragg’s products. In fact, we already have.

We envy Perry’s endless supply of ACV. A dream come true.

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If you’re not yet aware, apple cider vinegar is great for digestion, and it can even help with skin issues.

We were waiting for someone to say this. Nice.

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Congrats to Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. They’re keeping the OG health food alive and well.

This investment is absolutely something for the pair to BRAGG about.