This Twitter User Discovered The Most Genius Pasta Hack You Already Have In Your Kitchen

genius pasta hack

Do you ever look at a kitchen tool and wonder, what the heck does that do? One Twitter user just had a revelation about why pasta serving spoons have that mysterious hole at the bottom — and you’re going to flip out when you realize what it’s for.

“Y’ALL,” Twitter user Todd Dillard tweeted on December 11th. “The hole at the bottom of a pasta serving spoon measures a single serving size of pasta.”

Um, are you kidding? How could we have been so blind?!

Dillard wrote in a followup tweet, “amazing the things you learn when you google ‘facts about holes.'” Truly.

Now, to be fair, “a single serving size” can mean a variety of different things to different people, and in our opinion, wholly depends on how hungry a person is. However, according to the pasta pros (aka the chefs, nutritionists, and companies that make the pasta), a serving size for one is about one cup of cooked pasta.

Wide Open Eats says that, when cooked, a single serving of pasta is roughly the same size as your fist. Yeah, we know — that doesn’t sound like enough to quell our growling stomachs either. What if we have small hands, Wide Open Eats?

So, if you’re a stickler for the rules, Dillard’s hack should save you a lot of time and measuring. But we’re with Teresa on this one:

If this is making you crave pasta, we highly recommend the following:

And while Dillard was on a roll, he informed his followers that the little hole at the end of our pot handles is for resting our spoons in.

“My life is in shambles, how can i be sure i know anything,” Dillard tweeted. Same.

Now, we have a lot to think about, and a great excuse to whip up some pasta.

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