This Twitter User Discovered The Most Genius Pasta Hack You Already Have In Your Kitchen

This Twitter User Discovered The Most Genius Pasta Hack You Already Have In Your Kitchen

genius pasta hack
genius pasta hack

Do you ever look at a kitchen tool and wonder, what the heck does that do? One Twitter user just had a revelation about why pasta serving spoons have that mysterious hole at the bottom — and you’re going to flip out when you realize what it’s for.

“Y’ALL,” Twitter user Todd Dillard tweeted on December 11th. “The hole at the bottom of a pasta serving spoon measures a single serving size of pasta.”

Um, are you kidding? How could we have been so blind?!

Dillard wrote in a followup tweet, “amazing the things you learn when you google ‘facts about holes.'” Truly.

Now, to be fair, “a single serving size” can mean a variety of different things to different people, and in our opinion, wholly depends on how hungry a person is. However, according to the pasta pros (aka the chefs, nutritionists, and companies that make the pasta), a serving size for one is about one cup of cooked pasta.

Wide Open Eats says that, when cooked, a single serving of pasta is roughly the same size as your fist. Yeah, we know — that doesn’t sound like enough to quell our growling stomachs either. What if we have small hands, Wide Open Eats?

So, if you’re a stickler for the rules, Dillard’s hack should save you a lot of time and measuring. But we’re with Teresa on this one:

If this is making you crave pasta, we highly recommend the following:

And while Dillard was on a roll, he informed his followers that the little hole at the end of our pot handles is for resting our spoons in.

“My life is in shambles, how can i be sure i know anything,” Dillard tweeted. Same.

Now, we have a lot to think about, and a great excuse to whip up some pasta.

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