How To Get Rid Of Tupperware Stains That Won't Go Away

How To Get Those Weird Stains Out Of Your Food Storage Containers

Tupperware stains
Tupperware stains


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One major perk of cooking at home often is leftovers. If you cook one night, your dinner for the next night is practically guaranteed to be cooked already and in your fridge. But, there is a downside (there always is, unfortunately). The first of many is that sometimes, leftovers just don’t taste good. Ever tried reheating French fries or burritos? Not the best experience, TBH. Another negative is how easily someone can get tired of the same meal. I, personally, can’t have the same pasta dish five nights in a row. I can’t help it, I constantly need change!

However, the most detrimental of all leftover struggles does not come from the food itself. It’s all about the containers. Yup, you read that right. Doing dishes on their own is literally the worst chore in existence — even worse than cleaning the bathroom. When you go through the dirty dishes in the sink and see a few emptied leftover containers, the dread sets in. Food is encrusted on the bottom, and soaking doesn’t help. Pasta sauce is permanently stained onto the bottom from last week’s spaghetti.

Leftovers really just do more harm than good. But they can’t be stopped.

Leftovers can be inevitable.

We all have those Tupperware stains, don’t even lie.

What can we say? We’re team players.

This is the ultimate betrayal.

Can you blame us for not being in the mood?

So poetic.

Sometimes, you get carried away with ordering food for a few nights in a row. Or you just overlook some of the things in your fridge for a while. When you finally remember that container of spaghetti from four days ago, you dump it onto your plate (or worse, microwave it in the plastic container), just to find the bottom of the container stained orange.

The calm before the storm…

I’m very interested in this movie adaptation.

How annoying!

Such is life, Ashley.

You know what I’m talking about, right? This cursed sight:

You’re not going to throw it away, because those things are like currency. But it seems like no matter how often you wash them, the color just doesn’t go away. Apparently, all it takes is a sliced potato and some salt. Genius.

Start by pouring salt into the container, until the bottom is completely covered.

This mom knows what’s up.

It supposedly gets rid of stained skin, too!

Potatoes are the best, honestly. They taste delicious and remove stains? We’re unworthy.

We never would’ve guessed there was such a simple and accessible way to get rid of those pesky food stains (so long as you have some spare potatoes around).

We’ve been blessed with such useful knowledge. BRB, going to get some potatoes!

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