Funny Wine Glasses For Your Wine-Obsessed Friend

30 Funny Wine Glasses For Your Wine-Obsessed Friend



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There’s no denying how amazing wine is…it’s refreshing, refined, and socially acceptable before Five O’Clock.

So, what is it about our favorite alcoholic beverage that makes it the ultimate drink to get our buzz on? We have our theories. Maybe it’s all the options like red, white, rosé, or sparkling… or that’s it’s heart healthy.

Whether you’re the wino of your girl gang, or searching for the perfect gift, we think purchasing the perfect set of funny wine glasses will make you or your lucky friend smile just a little extra while pouring a drink.

From a cute wine glass that quite literally will put you on “Cloud Wine” (it comes with a cloud coaster) to one that is designed for both your first coffee in the morning to glass of red before bed, there is a fun wine glass for everyone.

As you’ll see in our selection, a lot of these hilarious wine glasses will have you asking, “Why limit happy to one hour?”

We’ve rounded up the best wine glasses with various sayings or that are able to fit a literal wine bottle for the right occasion.

Wine Bottle Glass That Holds A Full Bottle

I mean we said this list was made for your wine-obsessed BFF, so we’re pretty she would love you forever for finally finding something that caters to her needs. Plus the saying on it is both hilarious for a gag gift and something we’ve actually said on a long night.

Buy here for $15.

Before & After 5 Coffee & Wine Glass

We’re kind of in love. This two-in-one combo is easily something we never knew we needed. This is made for your workaholic friend, who is always multitasking. Does this count as two gifts?

Buy here for under $18.

Ring for More Wine

From the picture alone we bet you know exactly the person in your life who would love nothing more to have a wine glass with a working bell. Maybe mom?

Buy here for under $15.

My Frenchie Wine Glass

This is for all the aspiring cool French girls, dog lovers, and Francophiles. Pour some wine, a mimosas, or literally any cocktail in this glass and you’re bound to have the best time.

Buy here for under $20.

Love Potion No. Wine

Alcohol is known to obviously loosen people up. This glass pokes fun at wine for being the love potion, it truly is. The cork stopper is real, which makes this an even better gift.

Buy here for under $9.

Wine Glass (On Cloud Wine)

This glass is quite literally everything good in the world. It’s basically rainbows, sunshine, and unicorns, which is how we feel after two glasses anyway. We also admire that the cloud coaster is both absolutely adorable and functional.

Buy here for under $10.

Bottomless Mimosa Glass

Your mimosa glass will never be empty when sipping from this very large flute. This is made for the friend who loves brunching. We wish every restaurant carried these for our Sunday get-together with our besties.

Buy here for under $9.

The Flannel Shirt Wine Glass

Ok, we don’t have a favorite on this list, per say, but we’re begging you to get this for your friend who can never talking about how outdoorsy they are. Plus, when it’s cold the flannel sleeve will protect your hand.

Buy here for under $15.

Deep Breaths Big Sips

We imagine this is what Miranda Priestly would drink her glass at the end of the night. Like can’t you just hear her voice saying, “That’s all” or did we just watch The Devil Wears Prada one too many times growing up.

Buy here for under $15.

Let’s Get Slothed

Sloth lovers that are obsessed with puns and wine, we see you. Friends who love their other half, this isn’t just a novelty gag gift—but it would also be a big hit at the office or a white elephant gift exchange (under $20.) So what do you say? Let’s get slothed.

Buy here for under $16.

You’re My Favorite B*tch To B*tch About B*tches With

Petition to make these glasses the adult version of friendship bracelets? They’re way cuter than key chains and would look absolutely while you clink your glasses for something special like a birthday or reunion.

Plus what else do you get your favorite person to b*tch about other b*tches about?

Buy here for under $17.

Mermaid Tail

Designed for the mermaid-obsessed, this cheeky wine glass (which also fits an entire bottle of wine) is guaranteed a laugh. Have a little liquid courage and buy it, because this will gift is bound to make waves.

Buy here for under $15.

Brew It, Screw It Drinkware Gift Set

Oh, this is great. This works for both coffee addicts and wine lovers. We love the idea of giving this to a friend who has just recently moved, so they can have a ~classy~ way to enjoy their two favorite beverages.

Buy here for under $15.

The Unicorn Farts Champagne Glass

The unicorn obsession might never die. While we’ve definitely grown tired of the mystical creature at every turn, this champagne flute is too funny. Under the cartoon it includes the saying: “Those aren’t bubbles, they’re unicorn farts!”

Buy here for under $15.

Wine & Chill

Fa la la la la! Forget Neflix and Chill, this glass has an actual snow globe attached, which will put you in the holiday spirit!

Buy here for under $25.

Holiday Cheer Wine Glass

Another festive wine glass, that is mirrored after a ginormous bulb from a string of holiday lights. We’re pretty sure drinking this and decorating a Christmas tree will get you and your family read to deck the halls.

Buy here for under $15.

All You Need is Wine Glass

Love and wine. Two of the greatest gifts in the world. This pink, heart-shaped stem honestly feels pulled from our dreams.

Buy here for $15.


Wishful Drinking

Now this is a gift. Finding a good friend can be like hunting for a unicorn. Make your best friend feel special with this gift set, which includes a bonus glass. If you look closely, the cups have gold-rimmed designs, and we’re loving it.

Buy here for under $30.

Puppy-Shaped Glass

When it’s been a ruff day or you just want to see a cute puppy, we know just what you need. Gift this to the dog lover in your life and we’re sure they won’t be able to get over the adorable dog ears on the sides of the glass.

Buy here for under $15.

Cat Wine Glass

Awwww. Cat ladies deserve the purrfect glass too! There are a ton on Amazon to choose from, we also love this cat mama one, but we’re a sucker for these pointy ears carved into the glass.

Buy here for under $15.

Tilted Wine Glasses

Are these wine glasses inebriated or a fit woozy? This are fun to serve your guests progressively through the night and won’t tip over. At the bare minimum they’re a great conversation piece.

Buy here for under $17.

Classy, Sassy, Smart Assy

This is how we eyeball how much to pour into our class too. And honesty if you gift to a friend, they’ll know you love for being classy, sassy, and a lit bit smart assy.

Buy here for under $10.

I Do Yoga, Just Kidding I Drink Wine in Yoga Pants

Sometimes we love yoga, sometimes we love wine. On nights at home with a glass of our favorite white, you can catch us still wearing yoga pants, whether we’re worked out or not.

Buy here for under $13.

ALEXA, Bring Me Wine


If this isn’t the future…we’re waiting for the day Alexa can physically bring us some wine, and something tells us the day isn’t that far away. If cars can drive themselves, our  iPhone app can order a robot or something to come to our doors.

Buy here for $15.

Why Limit Happy Hour to One Hour

For your friend who always says, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!” We love the saying on this sarcastic wine glass, just as much as we love that it can hold an entire bottle of wine.

Buy here for under $10.

Baby Mama Shark Needs a Drink Do Do

The saying says,”Mama Shark Needs a Drink…Do Do Do Do” just like the children’s song. And if you’re raising a tiny human, you deserve a glass of whatever makes you happy. This is a great gift for moms or even mother-in-laws that have spent the year bearing through this song.

Buy here for under $15.

I’m On A Juice Cleanse

We love this. This is the only kind of juice cleanse we’d voluntarily partake in. If you’re thinking about gifting this you’ll be happy to know the packaging is super vibrant, like this purple one!

Buy here for under $8.

Jesus Touched My Water

Excuse us, we just choked reading this. Every so often something this good comes along and it transcends religions and is a universal laugh. We bet this would be an even bigger hit around Christmas, while sipping the miracle that is wine.

Buy here for under $15.

In Dog Wines Funny Wine Glass

We now live by the motto, “In Dog Wines I’ve Only Had One.” You’ve got to get this for the dog lover in your life. It is quite possibly the best thing on the internet.

Buy here for under $17.

Prescription Wine Glasses


We’re ending with the best one. We’re laughing so hard at this set of two “Prescription” wine glasses straight from the “Doctors Napa and Valley.” If you read the fine print this little detail got us chuckling at our desk: “Refills: YES PLEASE!”

Buy here for $30.

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