15 Things That Happen When You’re A Messy Person Trying To Marie Kondo Your Kitchen

marie kondo kitchen

Professional organizer and absolute angel Marie Kondo has taken over the internet with her ruthless organization methods and candy-sweet personality. Thanks to her best-selling book, The Life-Changing Art of Tidying Upand her brand new Netflix series, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, the entire nation has been inspired to eliminate anything and everything in their home that doesn’t “spark joy.” But when you’re a messy person through and through, following the KonMari method without Kondo physically holding your hand the whole time seems like an impossible task.

However, you can do this. We’ve compiled a list of all the things that happen when you messy people of the world put the KonMari procedure into practice in your kitchen.

Even though you may think you’re destined to live in a clutter-filled space until the end of time, Marie Kondo thinks otherwise. If you stick with the process and allot enough time to follow through, you can and will declutter your life. Just stop making excuses for your mess and get to work. We see you, messy people. Get rid of your crap already.

Here are a few obstacles and rewards you’ll run into while KonMari-ing your kitchen.

1. You immediately run out of counter space.

Kondo instructs us to empty out our kitchen drawers and cabinets, and to place everything on the counter. But, if you’re messy — like really messy — you’ll probably run out of room immediately. So, move to the floor. And if you run out of floor space,  then… yikes.

2. You come face to face with your minor — *ahem* major — hoarding problem.


It’s okay. This is normal. It’s all part of the process. Seeing all your stuff splayed out like this will hopefully inspire you to keep the place clean. Hopefully.

3. You become overwhelmed. That bottle of wine begins to look friendly.


Take a deep breath and don’t lose your focus. It might be easy for you to simply walk away and calm down with some Netflix and chill(ed white wine). But remember, if Kondo were here, she’d encourage to you stick with it.

4. You realize a lot of this stuff doesn’t make you happy.

If it doesn’t “spark joy,” as Kondo says, it’s out. When you’ve been collecting for years, you forget how much non-joyous stuff you’ve been hoarding. It’s time to make a donation pile and say thank you to things before letting them go.

5. However, a lot of it does.


It’s obviously totally fine to keep a lot of your belongings. That cheese tray you got for a wedding gift can stick around. And so can those festive plates you got on sale last year. However, that half-melted, red-stained tupperware? It’s time to let it go.

6. Once you’ve sorted, it’s time to categorize.

Put like things with like things and figure out where they’re going to go within your kitchen. Put things you only use occasionally on higher shelves. Store containers vertically in drawers so you can better see what’s available. If you can, hang pots, pans, and other utensils on the wall to keep counters and cabinets clutter-free. Designate an area for every single item to keep your kitchen as tidy as possible.

7. And you’ll want to invest in drawer organizers.

These things aren’t just for your silverware drawer. Use organizers to organize larger kitchen utensils, spices, knives, and anything that is currently just floating freely in your kitchen drawers. And if your junk drawer is in the kitchen, these organizers are going to help that area immensely.

8. Things will start to look more organized at this point.


And you’ll begin to feel proud of all your efforts thus far. But the task is not complete yet. Take a break, go get some coffee, and return feeling energized.

9. Time to tackle the pantry.

If you haven’t already unloaded all the contents of your pantry onto the kitchen island or floor, now is the time. Repeat the KonMari process by letting go of expired or unused food goods. If you still have some unopened foods, consider donating them to your local homeless shelter or food pantry.

10. Organize your pantry so you can see everything.

Go buy yourself some see-through jars or storage containers to help keep track of how much dried goods you have available. Plus, taking food items out of their boxes, bags, and wrappings will help keep your pantry look next-level tidy.

11. At this point, you’re feeling exhausted.


Organizing KonMari-style takes a lot out of you. You’re basically turning an entire room upside down and starting from scratch. If you have to, give yourself a couple days to get your kitchen done. Just make sure you pick up where you left off before living in an upturned kitchen becomes your new normal.

12. Step back and marvel at your hard work.

Wow. You didn’t think you could do it. But you — a messy person — are now working in the most organized kitchen on the block. Your drawers are organized with tiny boxes. Your countertops are free from excess junk. Your pots, pans, and dishes are all organized beautifully within their cabinets. Everything is where it should be.

13. You invite your friends over for a dinner party ASAP.

You have to show off how good your kitchen looks. Perhaps post a photo on Instagram to give them proof that you’ve actually changed your ways. They won’t believe you cleaned up your act and they’ll probably beg you to help them do the same.

14. And you’ll actually try to keep the place looking this good.

Believe us — you won’t want to go through that process again any time soon. Keep the place organized, tidy, and joyful. No more shopping sprees at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

15. The rest of your home won’t be safe from the KonMari method.

Next up: the bedroom — no, the bathroom. No! The garage needs it first. No, actually, the bathroom…

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