Ever Dream About Water? Here’s What That Says About You


Dreams are weird, aren’t they? Their purpose is a mystery. However, for centuries, the contents of dreams have been interpreted and assigned meaning by religious scholars, psychologists, and literary figures alike. So, if you’ve had any water dreams recently, there could be a few different thoughts rattling around in your subconscious.

According to DreamDictionary.org, the appearance of water in one’s dream holds different meaning depending on color, location, and mood.

Water generally represents an emotional state of mind, the website states, and often reflects what we might be feeling or repressing.

For example, rivers, oceans, and lakes all hold different meanings. Rivers symbolize your life path — be it physical or spiritual. If the river in your dream was flowing rapidly, change is ahead or you may feel out of control. And if the river was moving slowly, you’re probably comfortable with the changes occurring around you.

Similarly, if you dreamt of a rough ocean, you may have negative feelings toward a current phase or change in your life.

A calm ocean usually signifies positive thoughts and openness to moving forward.

However, if you’re lost at sea in your dream, your subconscious may be reflecting your feeling of being lost within life.


Storms represent being in a bad scenario, deterioration of relationships, and upset emotions. But every storm passes. Whatever upset you’re struggling with now will be solved in a matter of time.


Dreams about floods usually represent the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Again, floods — like storms — do not last forever.

Being splashed with water in a dream is symbolic of a wakeup call.

Get ahold of yourself and stop living in denial.

Move forward to avoid stagnation.


Dreaming about being under water means that you’re exploring your unconscious mind, DreamDictionary.org states.

If you were excited to be under water, then you enjoyed the adventure. But if you felt as though you were drowning, this may symbolize inner emotional turmoil.

You might be afraid of something hitting your emotions too profoundly.


If you have dreamt about drinking water, you honestly might just be dehydrated.

Our brains can actually slip us a hint to drink more fluids while we’re sleeping.


The second layer of water dreams is all about the color of the water.

Clear water in dreams is almost always positive and usually represents clear emotions.


Whereas murky or muddy water means the opposite.

You could be struggling with your emotions and your feelings may be muddled with negative thoughts and ideas.


“Dreams about water have a strong relationship to the emotions you are experiencing in your life,” PsychicLibrary.com reads.

“It is very important to understand what is truly going on in your waking life in order to interpret the water symbolism in your dreams.”


Honestly, the same is true for most dream symbols.

It takes some serious soul searching to figure out what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

Like this “trying to escape the inescapable house” dream could mean that this person is feeling trapped by some aspect of their waking life.

Or maybe they feel as though something in their life is unattainable, no matter how hard they try.

And this dream could mean that Mark Ruffalo doesn’t know how to use a dishwasher. Come on, Mark.

OMG. This dream honestly may just be a premonition. We’re shook.

And for those of us who can’t remember our dreams no matter how hard we try, we apologize to our subconscious.

You’ll never break through to us.

Sometimes dreams and reality bleed into one.

That’s when things can get really tricky (and a bit spooky, truth be told).

Water dreams usually have to do with your emotional state, so keep that in mind next time water shows up during your slumber.

Or, you might just need a glass of water. Pay attention to what your brain is telling you, and stay hydrated, dreamers.

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