Wedding Cake Fails That Will Make You Say “I Don’t”

wedding cake fails

The idea of the bridezilla is a wedding trope for a reason. It’s pretty common for brides to go a little nuts in the months before their weddings, making sure that every last detail is just perfect for the big day. That means paying super-close attention to every part of the party, from the flowers to the music to the place cards.

But, there’s one part of a wedding day that perhaps gets more attention than any other part. Okay, maybe it comes in second place after the dress. But, right after she’s done obsessing over her dress, every bride is thinking about every detail of her cake.

The cake is a pretty big deal at a wedding. It’s such a big deal that there’s a whole section of the reception dedicated to the bride and groom presenting the cake to their guests and cutting it. Usually, wedding cakes are decadent confections that are just as beautiful to look at as they are to taste.

Whether covered in flowers or mountains of frosting, wedding cakes can fit right in with the rest of the decor. But, then there are times when the cake decorating doesn’t go exactly as planned. Those are the wedding cake fails that most brides would probably love to forget. But, unfortunately for them, we’ve got a list of 15 of the worst wedding cake fails right here.

1. The frosting that a looks a lot like it’s already been eaten…

Ganache might sound like a good idea at first.

Chocolate ganache sounds like it would be a fancy addition to a wedding cake. But, of course, that’s only the case if it’s executed properly. In this case, the ganache was thrown onto the cake in a kind of haphazard way, and it looks a bit more like it just came out of a person rather than something that’s about to be eaten.

2. Fairy tale weddings are a bit cliché.

And so it makes sense for a wedding to have a fairy tale castle design.

But, one thing about fairytale castles is that they usually are structurally sound. That’s not the case with the castle made out of this cake, which is having a hard time staying together. It doesn’t look like this cake is fit for a king and queen, let alone a groom and bride.

3. It’s usually a given fact that the bride and groom love each other.

Or, at the very least that they like each other.

But, the bride and groom serving this cake don’t seem to be too fond of each other, or they just have a pretty weird sense of humor. A wedding is supposed to be a celebration of a bride and groom’s new life together, not a time to commemorate them pointing guns at each other and ending their time together.

4. Sometimes kind gestures aren’t always appreciated.

And sometimes there isn’t much to appreciate.

One woman tried to make a wedding cake as a gift, but it turned out to be a lot less appealing than she expected. “I agreed to make the wedding cake for a friend’s daughter, and I know it’ll taste great, but this first practice cake looks like poo,” she said. Hey — at least she tried her best?

5. The leaning tower of cake…

Someone better catch it before it falls.

Eating a piece of cake usually isn’t a race against the clock, but that seems to be part of the experience of eating this one. At least if the wedding guests are encouraged to eat this cake before it tumbles over, you know that everyone will definitely grab a piece (and hopefully enjoy it).

6. A non-cake cake.

At least this one seems like it’s kind of healthy…

Health crazes have people replacing sugar with all kinds of different foods. You’ll often see cake recipes with hidden ingredients that make it healthier. This cake forgoes the cake altogether to create a “cake” built out of fruit. It isn’t even clear how you’re supposed to cut into this one.

7. The bride is usually the star of the wedding.

This cake makes that fact very clear.

It’s one thing for a bride to take ownership over her cake. It’s another thing for her to make her cake a small shrine to herself. In this case, it seems like the self-portrait cake didn’t turn out exactly as the bride hoped; her expression shows that she’s less than pleased with it.

8. We… do?

You have to be careful when including words on a cake.

After all, you want the words on the cake to properly represent the couple and everything they want to share with their family and friends on their big day. That can all become an issue when the words are hard to read, and they look like something a little more R-rated than what you’d normally share with wedding guests.

9. Cake transportation tends to be an issue.

Driving around with the cake on your wedding day is a risky move, especially when the cake isn’t properly strapped in for the ride. In this case, it resulted in a completely squished cake. But at least a squished cake probably still tastes just as good as an intact one.

10. Flowers don’t always belong on cake.

Sometimes they just belong next to the cake.

In the case of this cake fail, the flowers didn’t seem to want to stay on the cake. They fell off and landed next to the cake, leaving a gaping hole in the frosting. At least this one got fixed so no one even knew about the mistake at the party. All’s well that end’s well — especially when it involves a slice of sweetness.

11. A spelling error can make all the difference.

Is a weeding kind of like a wedding?

Most wedding cakes don’t include much writing on them, but when they do they usually have the correct spelling. However, in this case, the congratulatory message on the cake is way more distracting than anything else. “Congratulations on your weeding” puts people more in the mood for gardening than for matrimony.

12. White is the typical wedding cake color.

And it seems like there’s a good reason for that.

One couple experimented with a brown and black color scheme for their wedding cake, and it’s an understatement to say that the results are less than appealing. In this case, it seems like the couple tried to make the cake themselves but they agreed that “we need help and to pay someone.”

13. Wedding toppers create their own issues.

Usually, the topper will just include the bride and groom.

But in this case, the topper also included a very oddly-shaped baby alongside the bride and groom. Actually, calling them a bride and groom is pretty generous, since they look a bit more like blobs than anything else. At least this whole blob family will probably live happily ever after together.

14. Gluten-free doesn’t mean free of problems.

In fact, it can mean even more issues.

The original poster said that this gluten-free mess of a cake did still “taste good,” even after it crumbled. But, that doesn’t change the fact that it completely fell apart and required a few hands to put it back together again. It probably wasn’t too appetizing after it got covered in fingers.

15. Sometimes the cake doesn’t make it in one piece.

Sometimes wedding guests need to pick the cake up off the floor.

This wedding photographer captured a pretty epic moment when all four layers of the cake tumbled individually to the ground. It’s too bad that none of the surrounding guests were able to rush to the cake’s rescue, but hopefully they were all able to grab a few bites of cake off the dance floor.

Which fail do you think is the worst?

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