McDonald's Is Hosting A Bacon Hour For One Day Only

McDonald’s Is Giving Away This Item For Free — But Only For An Hour

McDonald’s always manages to surprise us. Whether it’s a new breakfast sandwich or a new ordering experience, it seems like they’re always with the times. So it’d be a shame if they missed out on the one food trend that most of us can’t get enough of — bacon.

The company has been all about making healthy changes to their menu. And while nobody would really lump bacon into that category, it could explain why it’s only going to be promoted for one hour during one day. They’re calling it Bacon Hour, and here’s what we know.

On January 29th, between 4-5 p.m. local time, McDonald’s will be giving customers a free bacon upgrade with literally anything on their menu. You read that right — anything. So if you’ve ever wanted to grab a Bacon McFlurry before (which probably wouldn’t be a great combo, but you do you), you finally have a chance to try it at no extra cost.

This may be a good way to help promote the bacon cheese fries that select McDonald’s will reportedly be unveiling on January 30th. It’s a limited-time menu item, but pretty much a guaranteed hit. If there’s any way someone can improve on the McDonald’s fries, it’s with those two toppers.

After watching this Bacon Hour video, you’ll be marking it on your calendars. This is an event you seriously won’t want to miss.

Bacon Apple Pie? Hey, why not? Fans are already sounding off on Twitter about this monumental hour in time.

Will McDonald’s be extra crowded that hour? It’s likely. But based on the hour they chose, some people may miss it due to standard office work hours. (If you have a boss who will let you leave early just to celebrate, consider yourself incredibly lucky!)

As you think about what menu item you want to bacon-ize with their thick cut, applewood smoked bacon, you may be inspired to check out bacon combos you can make at home to prepare. Consider it pregaming.

On second thought, maybe bacon on apple pie isn’t as crazy as we first assumed…

Not only is Bacon Hour a good way to help close out January, but it’s the perfect way to celebrate the upcoming bacon cheese fries that’ll accompany all of the delicious burgers on the menu. Well done, McDonald’s.