Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s Baby Won’t Be Allowed To Eat So Many Foods

February 22, 2019

Remember when you were a kid, snacking on steamed and hand-puréed apples and pears from your family’s private estate? Oh, wait — nope — not at all. That’s because we’re not royalty. In fact, royal children — including Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s almost-born baby — all eat from a royal menu. And on that menu are apples and pears (which are puréed twice to ensure smoothness) straight from the the queen’s 20,000-acre estate in Norfolk, England, according to Delish. So, no one’s popping down to Tesco to grab a Granny Smith.

What other foods can’t the soon-to-be royal baby eat? Here’s what we know:

First off, the royals have a long, long list of what they can’t eat, and that definitely extends to royal kiddos. For one, they were likely not breastfed until around the 20th century, since the royal family usually had another upper-class woman do it for them.

However, the queen and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, did breastfeed, reportedly.

Oh, and the Queen hates garlic…

So if breastfeeding does happen, there’s to be no garlic in the milk.

This way, the Meghan Markle and the baby won’t be exposed to it.

Second, royal babies and kiddos (like Meghan and Harry’s newborn baby boy) never eat packaged food.

According to Metro, royal chefs are on-call to purée fresh foods, like meats and veggies. No scooping lamb or chicken from a little glass jar.

Oh, and all the food is organic, seasonal, and fresh (and that’s because Charles is big into organic eats).

You won’t see, say, genetically modified strawberries in the dead of January.

And again, those fruits are coming from Sandringham.

This is the lush, green estate surrounding Sandringham House. We bet those apples are pretty delish.

So what happens when the Meghan and Harry’s kiddo needs a little snack?

It’s been reported that Kate actually does let her children snack on a few packaged goods off the royal menu.

If she’s not caught out in public feeding them that, then it can be denied, right? Among those things are: Kellogg’s cereal, cookies, and ice cream.

How could you say no to this face?

Recently, Kate visited the Lavender Primary School during Children’s Mental Health Week (which is run by her charity, Place2Be), revealing that they love  a good “cheesy pasta.”

Ah, so do we, Kate. So do we.

Given how much of a foodie Meghan Markle is, we’re curious about whether her baby will stick to the royal regimen or snack on cheesy pasta with Charlotte, Louise, and George.

The duke (aka Prince Harry) enjoyed some Fijian Kava during his trip to Fiji. That’s because the royal food rules go out the window on royal business trips.

Look at tiny William and Harry. We wonder if they were eating entirely royal foods at this age?

And if Harry is going to be feeding his little one the same stuff?

It must be interesting to live off of a royal menu that the queen put in place.

We wonder, do they actually hide snacks in the house?

We also wonder how it must be eat in a place like this.

You’d be so nervous your appetite would disappear!

Despite their royal menu and all the rules that come along with it, the royal family still makes time to help others get food on the table.

In this snap, the Duke of Cambridge visited a homeless charity, preparing spaghetti bolognese.

And Meghan worked with the Hubb Community Kitchen to cook for the local community.

She also wrote the foreword to their cookbook!

The powerful cookbook was inspired by the Grenfell Tower fire.

This is what gave way to the Hubb Community Kitchen.

All in all, we still think about that cheesy pasta Kate mentioned.

Forget the puréed pears!

Because shouldn’t everyone be able to bend the rules in the name of fun, at least every once in a while?