Meghan Markle And The Queen Surprisingly Agree On This One Food Belief

June 27, 2019

Let’s be honest here. If Meghan Markle didn’t marry into the royal family, it’d be unlikely that she’d be tight with Queen Elizabeth II. The two are both incredible women, but they’ve got slightly different views in terms of food and social etiquette.

Markle has been doing a good job of trying to respect the royal rules. But, she’s also proven that she’s her own woman. Certain wedding traditions went out the window when she married Prince Harry. Luckily, the wedding was still a beautiful — and heavily viewed — event.

There’ve been rumors that Markle and the queen may have butted heads when it came to certain things, but to be fair, that’s somewhat of a common occurrence with families. Queen Elizabeth is surely protective of her title and her grandchildren, so it makes sense that the relationship isn’t perfect.

But, there’s one thing they both agree on, and shockingly, it has to do with food.

Markle, who enjoys cooking, is big on flavorful foods and guilty pleasures. The queen, however, eats more of a bland-yet-functional diet. So it’s not the actual food they have in common, as much as the tradition of sitting down together and enjoying a meal. Even if it’s just tea. Or, a little bit of toast.

The queen hosted a party at Buckingham Palace, and reportedly stated that “a bit of toast and tea goes a long way.”

That means that just a little bit of food can bring people together. Have you ever been to a party without food?

According to People, Queen Elizabeth commented that people of different faiths and traditions could often bond over food at the table. Thus, it’s a great way to bring so many individual minds together.

Markle is notorious for sharing similar views. In fact, the Duchess helped put together a cookbook called Together: Our Community Cookbook, which went on to win the André Simon Special Commendation Award in the U.K.

The book centers around how cooking can help aid a community. After the Grenfell Tower fire in London, a bunch of local women bonded together. They helped their neighborhood by cooking meals for those in need, serving as the perfect inspiration for the cookbook.

“It’s a rare and beautiful book which shows the power of cooking and eating together as a way to connect, share, love – and in this case, grieve and heal,” said Meera Sodha, one of the assessors for the André Simon Awards.

One of the best parts about the cookbook is that they were able to express themselves while doing something incredible. Thanks to these women, so many people were fed foods from the heart.

There may not have been any recipes for toast and tea in there, but it’s a meal that Markle is truly familiar with. Even after she became a Duchess, she enjoyed avocado toast and tea with her friends.

Since avocado toast is seen as a millennial stereotype, I’m not going to lie — seeing the Duchess partake makes it seem a lot classier.

The Queen probably prefers her toast the standard way, especially since it’s often common to add garlic and onions to avocados to turn it into guacamole. Those are two of her least favorite foods.

Regardless of what was on the menu, Queen Elizabeth threw quite the party. People reported that 160 guests arrived from all over the world.

A palace spokesperson reportedly said that the queen wanted to welcome people of all religious backgrounds in order to thank them. She also wanted to “celebrate the work being done to support people of all ages and backgrounds.”

It’s impressive for Queen Elizabeth to keep on going. She’s 93, but has the soul and spirit of someone just a third of her age.

Even though her own diet may seem a little bland in comparison to the foods Markle enjoya, she must be doing something right. Especially since Queen Elizabeth is also known for having a couple of alcoholic drinks throughout the day.

But, it could also be genetics. Queen Elizabeth the First, known as the Queen Mother, lived until the age of 101.

If an event like this made such a splash, can you imagine what a feast held by Markle would look like? That’s one event invitation you’d surely want to get.