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This Is What You Should Never, Ever Order On An Airplane, According To A Flight Attendant

When you’re on an airplane, you’re probably thinking about your destination — and not about your in-flight lunch. While airplane food can vary among airlines, you’re typically given entrees that are a bit more filling than thrilling. But there’s something that you should avoid next time you’re asked if you’d like a beverage — and it might actually surprise you.

A flight attended chatted with Business Insider and revealed that most of the staff would never touch coffee, hot tea, or anything that’s made using the plane’s tap water. “Flight attendants will not drink hot water on the plane,” they revealed. “They will not drink plain coffee, and they will not drink plain tea.” The reason why? One in every eight planes fails the agency standards for water safety, which is pretty horrifying.

Travel & Leisure reported that based on a 2004 EPA sample which surveyed 158 planes, 13 percent of them contained the bacteria coliform, which is often present when fecal organisms are present.


Even worse, two of those planes had tap water that contained E.coli, which can cause intense illness.

According to The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, who chatted with Business Insider on the issue, the water that’s onboard is supposed to be regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Their regulations are, perhaps, a little broader than they should be.  That’s why these issues are still brewing…pun not intended. “AFA does not believe this regulation goes far enough or is sufficiently enforced,” they said.

So, what can you do? Stay away from products that involve water that’s not from bottles, primarily the hot drinks. If you’re looking for some caffeine, you might want to grab some portable soft drinks at the airport after you pass through TSA.

You’ll want to try hard to avoid the water in general. Babies, especially, are extra sensitive. Bottles shouldn’t be washed or filled using airplane tap water while on board. Even if it’s a short trip, you’ll want to be cautious.