This Family Protested Domino’s Because The Company Served Them Cold Pizza

cold domino's pizza

A few years back, Domino’s tried to rebrand their image by apologizing. Simply put, they knew their quality wasn’t up to par and vowed to make big changes. And since everyone likes a good comeback story, it actually worked. But now, the popular chain might have to make a brand new ad because one location did something that’s kind of unforgivable — they served cold pizza.

While pizza is great in all forms, it’s kind of an unwritten law that pizza should arrive hot. There’s nothing quite like that “straight from the oven” temperature. For delivery, it’s why many companies utilize a delivery box that helps keep the warmth in until it can be served. However, one Domino’s delivery driver in Gloucester, England got things so wrong that the family who encountered the “stone cold” pizza actually protested within the restaurant.

Here’s the story — Fay James and her family decided to order food from their local Domino’s on October 5th. Fox News reports that the order included a medium pizza, an order of chicken strips, garlic pizza bread, and some appetizers.

Living just eight minutes away from their delivery location, the delivery driver arrived over an hour later. The food felt like it may have been sitting out for some time.

James tried to get ahold of someone who’d make the situation right, but nobody seemed too concerned over what happened. Instead of refusing to order again, James chose to visit the location and get some answers.

Unfortunately, the manager wasn’t keen on helping out the James family. “My husband dropped the boxes on the counter but the manager refused to speak to us,” Fay James said to Gloucestershire Live. She refused to leave, so police were called.

Domino’s finally managed to solve the situation. Not only did they refund the James family for their $28 order, but they gave them some discounts. “We have issued a refund and some complimentary vouchers as a gesture of good will, which have been accepted,” a spokesperson said to Gloucestershire Live. “We have also reminded our team members of the high standard of service required at all times.”

Hopefully, this is a lesson to all the pizza chains out there — customers take temperature quite seriously.

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