Shoppers Say They Saw A Ghost At Their Grocery Store, We Are Officially Creeped Out

ghost in grocery store

Shoppers at the Market Basket in Wilmington, Massachusetts have reportedly been spooked by something much scarier than the rising price of milk. Locals claim a ghost is haunting their grocery store, and TBH, this spirit has the right idea.

According to a March 19th Patch article, a thread in a closed Facebook group for Wilmington residents recently blew up with stories of the Market Basket ghost woman. These tales are drastically different than the usual queries for kids’ soccer camp suggestions and “ISO carpenters” posts on the Facebook page. But wow, are they a lot more entertaining.

NBC Boston reports that the story-swapping started when one Wilmington resident and current Market Basket bakery employee, Christiana Bush, posted, “This is going to sound really really strange. But has anyone seen a ghost in the Wilmington market basket?”

The Boston Globe notes that Bush later explained that she had seen, “an old Victorian era woman in her nightgown … near the frozen peas. Lol.”

She continued, “I saw her and looked away to see if anyone else saw her and when I looked back she was gone.” Creepy.

Other residents initially thought the post was some sort of joke that maybe should have been posted during the Halloween season. However, more people came forward with their similar sightings.

“I’ve seen something like this but … younger,” another person wrote. “[Definitely] around that era tho, the clothes and hair style.”

Patch reported that a former Market Basket employee commented that, although she had never seen the spirit, “I don’t want to LOL if you’re totally serious.”

Bush talked to NBC Boston on March 26th about her ghost girl sighting. “I was writing on a cake to a customer here, and then when I turned around to walk back to the customer, the little lady was chilling over there,” Bush said, pointing to the frozen food aisle.

The Wilmington Market Basket told the Globe that they are unaware of any hauntings happening amidst their frozen peas.

“As far as we know all of our stores are ghost-free,” Market Basket spokeswoman Justine Griffin said in a statement to the Globe.

“But if there’s anything to it, she’s probably attracted to our Victorian-era prices.” Nice.

But, can we really trust them?


The “as far as we know” bit is definitely there for a reason.

We’re onto you, Market Basket.

The Globe reports that as of Monday, the ghost-thread had more than 450 comments on it.

Although some back up their fellow Market Basket ghost hunters, others are simply wondering, “What are you people smoking?”

The one thing that would make this story air tight(ish) is if there was some sort of photo or video evidence.

There sadly isn’t. But don’t go running to the Wilmington Market Basket with your nigh-vision goggles and thermo-cameras.

All we can really do is wait for the next sighting to occur — and hope that person just happens to be wearing a GoPro.

*Fingers crossed*

Some aren’t too concerned about potentially being haunted while shopping for ice cream and pizza.

These people have bigger fish to fry.


Show us the FACTS.

Sad. Really sad.


And others are fine with leaving this whole thing to the professionals. Who you gonna call?

Until more come forward about the Wilmington Market Basket ghost, or until she’s captured on camera, all we can do is wait and blindly believe that shoppers are being watched and silently judged for their purchases by an elderly ghost lady.

And that image is kind of fun for us to picture.


Good luck, Wilmington Market Basket shoppers.

We hope you don’t get too spooked.

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