Pet Fails When Animals Have Absolutely Ruined Their Owner's Meal

19 Times Pets Ruined Their Owner’s Meal

When you sit down and eat dinner, sometimes you need to deal with a lot of begging. Even the best-trained pups can’t resist their human’s dinner, especially since it’s way better than the dry kibble they’re normally stuck with. We all love our pets, but sometimes they can get in the way of mealtime. And if you’re really hungry, it’s a massive offense.

Dogs aren’t the only pets to get in the way of meals. Cats have also been known to push over a juice glass or trip their owners who are en route to the breakfast table. It’s easy to say that they don’t know what they’re doing, but cats have such a keen sense of confidence… so they probably do.

Sometimes, these accidents can be cute. Pets just want to be like their owners, right? But it doesn’t mean that those owners don’t have a right to complain about it online. Social media is a great place to share stressful pet situations, and to find a bunch of people who’ve gone through similar experiences.

Next time your dog steals food off your dinner plate, remember that you’re not alone. Here are 19 of the funniest and most relatable times when pets ruined someone’s meal.

1. Cereal Dog

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Sure, there may be a giant milky mess. But that’s one satisfied pooch.

Just note that you might not want to try this one at home. Like humans, some dogs are sensitive to dairy and cow’s milk. Usually, a dog won’t get too sick if they have some, but you’ll want to moderate the amount. This pup is likely okay, especially since it looks like more milk landed on his face than in his stomach.

2. Time To Go To McDonald’s

This owner was just trying to save some time and money by making an Egg McMuffin at home.

But, their dog had other plans. Not only did this doggo eat all of the English Muffins, but he also destroyed the bag that they came in. The good news is that he looks healthy and proud. If that bag had happened to be plastic, and completely inhaled, this pup could have choked or had serious health problems.

3. The Smooth Criminal

How did the owner even notice?

Dogs can often be a little savage when they’re stealing food and ruining meals. This dog, however, left the bun intact and was kind enough to leave a hot dog for his owner. When you have two, it just makes sense to share one with Man’s Best Friend — right?

4. The Breakfast Lover

From the looks of it, this dog ate an entire breakfast casserole.

And, they literally licked the pan clean. If you just saw this image without a caption, you might assume that the dog is just posing awkwardly with an unused pan and spatula. According to the American Kennel Club, whole cooked eggs are a healthy treat for your dog. You just have to make sure they eat them in moderation, which this pup didn’t do.

5. The Cat Caught In The Act

When there’s video proof, you can’t defend yourself.

Perhaps this cat should take some notes from the hot dog stealing pup above. The most successful food crimes happen when the owner leaves the room, not when they’re right there. At least this cat’s owner seemed to enjoy a few cat-free bites before their pet sabotaged their lunch.

6. Going The Extra Mile

This dog’s owner probably didn’t want the rest of that smoothie, right?

When a dog goes so far as to stick their head in a jar and try to extend their tongue, they’re all about the opportunity to grab your breakfast. You might not know this, but there are certain smoothies out there that could be beneficial for your dog’s health. You just want to avoid adding ingredients like avocados, chocolate, grapes, nuts, and other foods that aren’t good for their system.

7. The Guilty Pizza Pooch

At least this dog knows he did something wrong.

But, you have to congratulate him. Most dogs (and humans) would eat the whole pie. This dog at least shared a majority of the slices with his owner. He also might regret it later, if the pizza contained garlic or onions. Both of these can cause stomach upset in a dog. Pizza isn’t the worst thing a dog could eat, but it’s far from the best.

8. The Cat Who Wouldn’t Stop Staring

A cat’s daily schedule often includes a lot of staring.

The problem is, it’s really hard to eat dinner when you know someone’s watching you. So, what do you do in this situation? Ask the cat to leave? Move your dinner elsewhere? Or just hope that eventually, the cat will realize that you’re not planning on sharing your meal and give up?

9. Thanksgiving Pup

Dog eats the Thanksgiving turkey from r/rage

The moral of the story is, don’t leave your turkey where your pets can find it. Or any of your Thanksgiving feast, for the record.

It’s pretty funny that the dog tried to hide the turkey carcass, but there’s a great chance that both of them had a bit of stomach distress the next day. And if the turkey was seasoned, it could have been even worse. To avoid catastrophe, make sure the turkey is out of reach of the pets. Or, keep the pets safely away during dinnertime.

10. The Dog That Ate A Family-Sized Amount Of Food


Some dogs don’t know their limits when it comes to food.

Here’s the good news. There’s never a bad occasion to eat pizza. If this family was really celebrating something, they would have ditched the pork chops for the pizza anyway. Pork chops are good, but they’re not a “congratulations!” type of dinner choice. Don’t forget, this dog also stole them directly from the oven, which is even crazier.

11. Two Pounds Of Pork

On the topic of guilty dogs, let’s examine the curious behavior of this Rhodesian Ridgeback.

The pork was just pulled from the oven when this sneaky pup decided that it’d make a good dinner. For him, that is — and only him. It must have been devastating for his owners, but it’s hard not to forgive a cute face like that. He likely learned his lesson.

12. The Too-Curious Cat

Nothing says, “I love you,” like a dinner made by your significant other.

And nothing says, “I don’t care how you feel, I want to see what you’re eating,” like a cat who puts their face in that dinner. For the cat’s sake, let’s hope it wasn’t a dish that was too hot. Since cats are known to choose cool and shady spots out of comfort, they may not look to warm up in their owner’s chicken pot pie.

13. Mac And Cheese Dog

This dog has the proof of the crime right on his face.

Mac and cheese is another meal that pets shouldn’t eat very often. Let’s hope this sneaky dog isn’t lactose intolerant. While he might not have related his time out to being tied into his macaroni and cheese dive, at least he’s safely away from all of the other side dishes.

14. The Crafty Kitty

This cat deserves a high-five.

For one, it was a stray, meaning that it successfully snuck into the house. Two, it seemed to possess superhero powers to get what it wanted. The whole story is almost unbelievable. It’s also proof that if you’re hungry enough, you’ll try anything you can to get some grub — including breaking and entering.

15. The Cat With The Worst Timing Ever

My cat ate my dinner from r/cats

This cat didn’t know what his owner was talking about… right?

If he did, he must have broken some sort of cat etiquette. The good news is that this human dinner is mostly cat-friendly. In fact, cooked potatoes are often used in popular cat foods, so this little sneak may have smelled the plate and assumed it was all for him. (Raw potatoes are dangerous, FYI.)

16. The Dog Who Snuck The Sandwich Meat

This one’s especially funny since the dog left a lot of lunch behind.

“I left my sandwich for just long enough to get my shoes on and grab my stuff and I come back and the top half of my sandwich and the meat is missing,” this dog’s owner wrote. Disappointing, especially since that’s a nice looking lunch. If a picture was taken before it was eaten, it was special.

17. The Angry Swan

All I wanted was to eat my lunch, then birds happened. from r/BirdsBeingDicks

To be fair, a swan isn’t a pet. But they’re still really disruptive at picnics.

All this guy wanted to do was have lunch outside, but the swan couldn’t help but interfere. It looks like this guy is taking it quite well — and the photo is legendary — but if you’re in a similar situation, you may want to move. Swans are graceful and beautiful, but can be downright mean and dangerous to people who step in their way.

18. The Hamburglar

Ever see a cat eating a hamburger before?

This kitty probably stared its owner down to get a bite. As long as it’s fully cooked and free from onions, mushrooms, or garlic, your cat can enjoy a hamburger every once in a while. Since cats are meat-eaters by nature, it’s normal. The best way to make sure it’s safe is to make sure you cook it at home and avoid all the extras. Your cat won’t be picky.

19. The Cat Who Enjoys Toast

Here’s yet another cat who was caught in the act.

The good news about toast is that it’s easy to make, and relatively cheap. Which is good, because once you witness your cat licking the buttered piece you already set aside for yourself, you’ll probably be looking for a replacement breakfast. Cats get away with so much by being so cute.