Starbucks Baristas Are Not Happy With YouTuber James Charles’ “Pinkity Drinkity”

May 02, 2019

If you’ve spent an ounce of time on YouTube, you’ve probably seen James Charles’ face somewhere on the platform. He’s a mega-famous makeup guru on the site who made waves in 2016 by becoming the first-ever Coverboy. He’s also a big fan of Starbucks’s Pink Drink and, to the dismay of Starbucks baristas, affectionately calls it the “Pinkity Drinkity.”

In fact, some Starbucks baristas are so infuriated by the nickname, they have made some pretty serious (and hilarious) threats on Twitter. If anyone dares order a Pinkity Drinkity while I’m working, “i really will drown myself in the iced coffee container.” Holy —

The Pinkity Drinkity — ahem, PINK DRINK — got its start on the Starbucks “secret menu.” However, the drink became so popular, Starbs caved and added it to their lineup of coffee-free menu items. For those who have yet to try it, the Pink Drink is a version of the Strawberry Acai refresher, but instead of being made with water, it’s made with coconut milk.

It’s damn good, and we totally understand why James Charles is obsessed. But the obsession has seemingly gone too far. Because of Charles’ fame and influence, the term Pinkity Drinkity has entered into the mainstream, and baristas are simply not having it.

One could say… they’re sister stressed. They’re sister shook.

“Pinkity Drinkity” has run rampant in America. It’s only a matter of time before every Starbucks barista in the country has been asked for one. Prepare yourselves.

Don’t test them, people. It’s not worth ruining lives over.

Baristas are threatening to straight up leave if someone dares utter “Pinkity Drinkity” in their general direction. This poor barista will break down in tears!

Those two words will force this barista to throw in the towel on the spot. “Pinkity Drinkity” is truly a hex.

Please save Cassie from this fate. She’s too young to die.

No! Anything but that!

You can hear the disdain in the barista’s voice as she confirms, “Oh, the pink drink?” Stop doing this to them!

Only you can prevent your Starbucks baristas from quitting. Don’t make them step off that ledge.

There are only a few sister Starbs baristas among us. Do you really want to test fate to see if your barista is a fellow sister?

We certainly wouldn’t. But that’s just us.

If you can’t stop yourself from saying those dreaded two words when ordering the Pink Drink, you may just want to sister stay home and make your own Pinkity Drinkity. Luckily, James Charles himself can help you with that.

Listen, sisters. You’ve been formally warned.

Consider yourself lucky if you come out of ordering a Pinkity Drinkity unscathed. Count your Pinkity Drinkity blessings.

If you can’t help it, at least give your Starbucks barista a trigger warning before you place your order.