Best Can Opener Roundup: Our Top 9 Picks

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Tired of struggling with stubborn cans? Look no further than our comprehensive best can opener roundup, featuring the top 9 picks to make your kitchen tasks a breeze. From traditional manual openers to innovative electric models, these gadgets are praised for their ergonomic designs, sturdy construction, and precise cutting mechanisms, ensuring smooth and effortless operation every time you reach for a can.

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The Gorilla Grip Manual Hand Held Can Opener is undoubtedly the best can opener in terms of performance and durability. With its well-designed construction, this tool surpasses expectations by effortlessly opening cans with its strong stainless steel blade, leaving behind a smooth and clean edge. The soft touch grip and oversized handles provide a comfortable and secure grip, making it easy to use. Additionally, the built-in bottle opener adds extra convenience and value to this already impressive can opener. Overall, the Gorilla Grip Manual Hand Held Can Opener is highly recommended for its reliability and efficiency.

  • The can opener features a strong and powerful stainless steel blade, making it sharp and durable for puncturing all types of cans. It is also rust-resistant, ensuring long-lasting use.
  • The heavy-duty construction of the can opener makes it easier to open cans effortlessly. It has an extra-large turn knob that allows for easy can opening with minimal effort. The stainless steel construction ensures a seamless cut, and the oversized handles provide a comfortable grip.
  • The can opener has a soft-touch grip with slip-resistant handles, providing a cushioned and comfortable experience. The handles are extra large, absorbing more pressure and tension for easier can opening.
  • Some users may find the size of the can opener too large for their liking, making it difficult to store in smaller drawers or cabinets.
  • The can opener does not have a built-in magnet to hold the lid in place after opening, which may result in the lid falling into the can.
  • The price of the can opener may be higher compared to other manual can openers available in the market.

95,539 Ratings



Regarding convenience and ease of use, the Kitchen Mama Auto Electric Can Opener stands out as the best can opener. This innovative device opens cans effortlessly with a push of a button, making it ideal for individuals with hand dexterity issues or arthritis.

Although a few minor improvements could be made, such as an automatic stop feature, the Kitchen Mama Auto Electric Opener still delivers impressive functionality and smooth edges. This product is highly recommended for a convenient and efficient way to open cans.

  • The Kitchen Mama is a hands-free solution, making it incredibly convenient.
  • It cuts cans cleanly around the side, leaving smooth edges, which is safer and eliminates the risk of cuts.
  • The ergonomic design makes it user-friendly and is especially helpful for people with grip challenges or arthritis.
  • It requires 4 AA batteries, which are not included, so additional cost is involved.
  • Some users have reported that the stop button doesn’t always work effectively, requiring some jiggling to fully stop the opener.
  • While it opens most cans, some users have found that it doesn’t work well with certain sizes or types of cans.

81,925 Ratings



The KitchenAid Classic Multifunction Can / Bottle Opener is undoubtedly the best can opener for those seeking top-quality performance. With its easy opening, simple operation, and versatile functionality, it lives up to its reputation as a reliable kitchen tool.

The positive reviews and high ratings reflect the exceptional performance of this can opener. The KitchenAid Classic Multifunction tool is highly recommended if you need an opener that effortlessly gets the job done.

  • The KitchenAid Classic Multifunction Opener has a durable, razor-sharp stainless steel cutting wheel that easily pierces and slices through cans.
  • It features a large, easy-to-turn knob that provides a secure grip for effortless turning, making it simple to operate.
  • The oversized and ergonomic handles provide maximum comfort and control, ensuring safe and easy use.
  • Some customers have mentioned that the product color they received was not as pictured, which can be disappointing.
  • The handles on this open only about 45 or 50 degrees, less than others in the market.
  • It is slightly pricier than some basic openers, although the quality and ease of use make it worth the investment.

5,267 Ratings



The Otstar Jar Opener is best for individuals with weak hands, arthritis, or low strength. This practical kitchen gadget offers multiple functionalities and an easy-to-use design. The compact storage makes it a valuable addition to any kitchen.

Whether dealing with stubborn lids or struggling with ring-pull cans, this jar opener proves efficient and effective. Consider the Otstar Jar Opener best to help you with jar opening. It is an excellent gift for loved ones or a personal aid for anyone facing difficulties in this task.

  • The Otstar Jar Opener is a 6-in-1 tool that can open a variety of jar sizes, making it highly convenient for users. It has eight circular openings that can handle lids ranging from 1-3 inches in diameter.
  • The long handle of the jar opener provides sufficient leverage, making it effective and easy to use. The rubber lining on the opener helps provide a firm grip on the lids, allowing users to remove even the most stubborn lids effortlessly.
  • The jar opener is made of high-quality food-grade PP and rubber material, making it durable and easy to clean. It is compact and slim, making it easy to store in a kitchen drawer or hang on hooks for quick access.
  • While the jar opener is designed to assist with weak hands and arthritis, it still requires some strength to grip the lids. It may not be suitable for individuals with minimal strength or dexterity.
  • Some users may find the jar opener to be slightly larger than preferred, especially when opening smaller jars. However, this size is necessary to accommodate larger jars and provide a secure grip.
  • One user mentioned that the inner lining of the jar opener showed wear and tear after a few uses, which may raise concerns about its long-term durability.

71,999 Ratings



The Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener is undeniably the best can opener on the market. Its ability to effortlessly open cans and eliminate sharp lid edges has revolutionized how we approach can opening.

Its durable construction ensures longevity, and its sleek design adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen. The high customer ratings further validate its exceptional performance. If you’re searching for the best can opener, look no further than the Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Electric Automatic.

  • The Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Opener eliminates sharp lid edges, ensuring safe and touchable lids.
  • It can open pop-top and regular cans, making it versatile and convenient for all types of cans.
  • The can opener is designed to be easily operated with one hand, allowing for effortless can opening.
  • The can opener can be quite loud during operation, which may bother some users.
  • The price is slightly higher than other models on the market.
  • The user needs to hold down the button throughout the entire can-opening process, which may be tiring for some users.

9,826 Ratings



The BELLA Electric Can Opener and Knife Sharpener is a standout product in the world of can openers. Its exceptional performance, convenient features, and stylish design make it a fantastic addition to your kitchen toolkit.

Not only does it effortlessly open cans, but it also sharpens knives, adding versatility to its functionality. With its reasonable price point, it offers excellent value for money. Say goodbye to struggling with cans and enjoy the ease and efficiency of the BELLA Electric Opener and Knife Sharpener.

  • The BELLA Electric Opener and Knife Sharpener has a powerful 60-watt motor and a durable stainless steel cutting blade, allowing it to tackle cans of all sizes effortlessly.
  • It features a one-touch operation, making it incredibly easy to use. With just a single touch, the opener glides into action, eliminating the need for wrestling with stubborn cans.
  • It has a convenient cord storage feature, keeping your kitchen countertop neat and organized. You can easily tuck it away when not in use without sacrificing precious counter space.
  • Some users have mentioned disconnecting the lid from the magnets can be difficult.
  • There may be a learning curve to place the can for optimal operation correctly.
  • A few users have reported that the product color they received did not match the color they ordered, so it’s important to double-check the color before purchasing.

40,478 Ratings



When it comes to the best electric opener, the Cuisinart Deluxe Electric, Black, reigns supreme. Its functionality, ease of use, and durability set it apart. Opening cans quickly and quietly is a breeze with this product, and its easy cleaning and cord storage make it even more convenient. If you’re searching for a reliable and arthritis-friendly option, look no further than the Cuisinart.

  • The Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Opener has a quality-engineered motor system that makes it easy to open any size can with the Power Cut blade.
  • The base of the gadget is sturdy, preventing any sliding or tipping during use.
  • The activation lever is removable, making it easy to clean and maintain.
  • The blade of the can opener is very sharp, requiring caution when cleaning it to avoid any accidents.
  • The lid from the can may have sharp wavy edges, so it needs to be handled with care.
  • Some users have reported that the can opener can be a little awkward to use and get used to initially.

14,502 Ratings



The PAKITNER Safe Cut Can Opener is a trustworthy and efficient kitchen tool that deserves the title of the best can opener. Its smooth, safe edge cut, user-friendly design, and stainless steel blade guarantee a seamless, fast, can-opening experience.

The durability ensures it will last for a long time without rusting or breaking. Additionally, the easy cleaning under running tap water adds to its convenience. If you need a reliable and safe kitchen essential, the PAKITNER Safe Cut is the way to go.

  • The PAKITNER Safe Cut efficiently cuts the can’s lid from the side, leaving a smooth, safe edge without jagged, sharp edges. This ensures the safety of your fingers while using the product.
  • Made from food-safe stainless steel, this product is high quality and extremely durable. It won’t rust or break over time, making it a long-lasting kitchen tool.
  • The ergonomic design of the PAKITNER Safe Cut Opener, including the easy-turning knob and comfortable crank handle, makes opening cans effortless, fast, and straightforward.
  • Some users have reported that it can be a bit stiff to turn, which may pose a challenge for individuals with weak hands or arthritis.
  • While the PAKITNER Safe Cut Opener works well on most cans, it may not be suitable for certain types of cans, such as Campbell Soup cans and other canned goods. However, it works great for opening cans of cat food.
  • The cutting progress and finish may not be visible like with standard openers, but users can feel a change in tension when the cutting disc completes its turn around the can, indicating that the can is ready to be opened.

4,040 Ratings



The Beneno Can Opener is a reliable and efficient kitchen tool that stands out as the best can opener. Its smooth edge gadget, improved handle, and built-in bottle opener make it a valuable addition to any kitchen.

Its durable construction and user-friendly design offer a seamless and safe can-opening experience. Based on its functionality, convenience, and overall quality, Beneno is highly recommended as the best can opener by users and experts in the field.

  • Smooth Edge – The Beneno manual can opener uses high-carbon steel blades and precision gears to cut the lid smoothly with every blade revolution. This ensures that you won’t get scratched by the burred edge of the can when scooping food from it.
  • Improved Comfort and Effortless Operation – The handle and turn knob of this product are made of eco-friendly rubber, providing enhanced hand-held comfort and preventing hand slipping, even if your hands are oiled. The knob’s increased height and finger contact surface make opening cans effortless, making it an excellent gift for the elderly and those with arthritis.
  • Safe and Convenient Design – The Beneno opener features a strong suction magnet at the bottom and a fluted base to prevent the magnet from falling off. This allows you to easily pull up the lid using the magnet, keeping your hands away from the smooth and potentially sharp edges. It also ensures cleanliness by preventing food from touching the lid.
  • Limited Multifunctionality – While the Beneno opener has a built-in bottle opener, it may not meet all your needs as it is specifically designed for beer, soda, and other bottles with caps. It may not be suitable for opening other types of bottles that require different mechanisms.
  • Higher Price Point – The Beneno opener is priced at $17.99, which may be considered higher than other manual can openers on the market. However, the additional features and improved functionality may justify the higher price for some customers.
  • Mixed Customer Reviews – While most customers have given positive reviews for the Beneno opener, a few negative reviews mention disappointment with the quality and ease of use. It’s essential to consider these mixed reviews when making a purchasing decision.


In summary, our roundup of the best can openers offers diverse tools to suit every kitchen need. Whether you prefer a manual opener’s simplicity or an electric model’s convenience, these top picks excel in performance, durability, and ease of use. With any of these can openers, you will no longer struggle with stubborn cans and be on your way to effortless food preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I choose the best can opener for my needs? Consider factors such as your preferred opening method (manual or electric), ergonomic design, durability, and ease of cleaning. Look for sturdy construction, comfortable handles, and smooth cutting mechanisms to ensure a pleasant experience.

  2. Are electric can openers worth the investment? Electric can openers can be a worthwhile investment for individuals with limited hand strength or mobility issues, as they require minimal effort to operate. Additionally, they often feature additional functions such as bottle opening and knife sharpening, adding versatility to your kitchen tools.

  3. Can these can openers accommodate different can sizes? Most of the top picks in our roundup are designed to accommodate various can sizes, from small tuna cans to large family-sized containers. However, checking the product specifications to ensure compatibility with the sizes of cans you typically use in your kitchen is essential.

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