SEATAO VH5156 Vacuum Sealer – Keep Your Food Fresh and Extend Its Shelf Life

The SEATAO VH5156 Vacuum Sealer is a versatile and dependable kitchen device that keeps food fresh and prevents spoiling. This vacuum sealer is a practical and effective equipment for both business and domestic usage, thanks to its handle lock design and continuous use capacity.

I recently bought the SEATAO VH5156 Vacuum Sealer, and I have to admit that it has exceeded my expectations. I was pleased by its one-hand operation and locking handle design as someone who routinely uses vacuum sealers to keep food. It simplified and improved the sealing procedure, especially for older users.

One of the vacuum sealer’s noteworthy advantages is its capacity to be operated continuously for over 200 cycles without overheating. This is very useful when I have a big number of products to seal at once. I particularly like the built-in storage and bag cutter, which allows me to easily store rolls and make unique bag sizes. It has minimized sealing roll waste and allowed me to make the most of my vacuum sealing materials.

While there are certain limits, when employing the “pulse” option, the VH5156 vacuum sealer performs remarkably well with meat, fish, and semi-moist items. Furthermore, SEATAO’s after-sales service is excellent, with a 5-year guarantee and rapid customer care accessible 24/7.

One-Hand Operation and Locking Handle Design

The SEATAO VH5156 Vacuum Sealer has a one-hand operation and a locking handle. This one-of-a-kind innovation makes operation simple, as users just need to press the handle with one hand to securely lock the lid. This not only provides a user-friendly experience, but it is also very useful for the elderly or those with restricted hand mobility. The concealed handle design enhances the vacuum sealer’s overall appearance, making it not only useful but also gorgeous and exquisite.

Continuous Use

The SEATAO VH5156 Vacuum Sealer may be operated continuously for more than 200 times before it overheats. This is a substantial benefit, particularly for individuals who routinely use vacuum sealers to keep food. Users may easily seal huge quantities of food at once with its continuous back and seal feature without worrying about the machine overheating. As a result, the vacuum sealer is suitable for both residential and commercial usage, guaranteeing that it can meet the needs of any kitchen.

Built-In Storage and Bag Cutter

The SEATAO VH5156 Vacuum Sealer has roll and bag storage as well as a bag cutter. This useful feature allows customers to easily store their vacuum sealing rolls and bags, eliminating waste and optimizing the usage of the rolls. The bag cutter allows customers to easily produce unique bag sizes, guaranteeing that the bags are tailored to their individual needs. This not only saves money by avoiding the waste of sealing rolls, but it also allows for greater flexibility in packing different types and sizes of food.

Note on Usage

It should be noted that the VH5156 vacuum sealer should not be used to vacuum soup. However, it is best suited for vacuum sealing meat, shellfish, and semi-moist foods by employing the “pulse” feature. It also works with a variety of vacuum bags, such as vacuum seal bags, double-sided embossed bags, single-sided embossed bags, and folding bags. It is usually best to consult the user handbook for detailed information on bag compatibility with the vacuum sealer.


  • One-hand operation and locking handle design: The vacuum sealer is easy to operate with just one hand and the locking handle design ensures a secure and tight seal.
  • Continuous use: The vacuum sealer can be used more than 200 times continuously without overheating, making it ideal for sealing a large quantity of food at once.
  • Built-in storage and bag cutter: The vacuum sealer has built-in storage for rolls and a bag cutter, making it convenient and efficient to create custom-sized bags and reduce waste.


  • Not suitable for vacuum sealing soup food: The vacuum sealer cannot be used to vacuum seal soup food.
  • Limited compatibility with certain types of vacuum bags: The vacuum sealer does not work with all types of vacuum bags, such as double-sided embossed bags or folding bags.
  • Drip tray and sealing element may be difficult to clean: The drip tray is not removable, making it challenging to clean. Additionally, the sealing element may come out of its housing, causing the lid to not lock properly.


In conclusion, the SEATAO VH5156 Vacuum Sealer is a reliable and user-friendly kitchen appliance that offers excellent performance and convenience. Its handle lock design, continuous use capability, and built-in storage and bag cutter make it a standout option in the market. With its impressive warranty and after-sales service, I highly recommend the VH5156 vacuum sealer for anyone looking to keep their food fresh and extend its shelf life.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can the vacuum sealer be used for sealing soup food?

Answer: No, the vacuum sealer is not suitable for sealing soup food.

Question: What types of vacuum bags are compatible with the vacuum sealer?

Answer: The vacuum sealer can vacuum seal vacuum bags, double-sided embossed bags, single-sided embossed bags, and folding bags.

Question: How easy is it to clean the drip tray and sealing element?

Answer: The drip tray is not removable, which may make it difficult to clean. However, the customer mentioned that the customer service provided by SEATAO was outstanding and they rectified any issues with a defective machine promptly.

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