Reese Witherspoon Just Shamed Her Celebrity Friends For This Bad Restaurant Habit

Reese Witherspoon Just Shamed Her Celebrity Friends For This Bad Restaurant Habit

Reese Witherspoon isn’t one to keep quiet. So much so that she may have actually briefly alienated her Big Little Lies co-stars. The topic was dining out, and Witherspoon openly admitted that when it came to dining with a group, she was always the one left with the check.

People often avoid group dinners for this very reason.

When the bill comes, nobody knows whether to hand the waitress four different credit cards (which happened a lot in college) or if one person would carry the whole balance. The worst situation? When you’re low on cash and order a side salad, and then get roped into an equal split check situation. Suddenly, you’re forced to pay for someone else’s filet mignon and fancy cocktails. Stressful and not cool.

According to The Guardian, Witherspoon admitted at the Television Critics Association conference that she was left with the bill. But, don’t worry — she’s close enough to co-stars Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep to not necessarily throw them under the bus. The Takeout also overheard the comment and said it wasn’t heated, and was more of a light and funny diss.

But even so, it’s kind of important to talk about. It’s just a little shady to leave one person with the bill, right?

“Who pays? I pay. None of these girls ever pull out their credit card,” Witherspoon said.

Then, she did note that Streep did pick up the bill during one occasion. (Phew.)

Since Streep is new to the cast, it’s possible they all went out to celebrate.

So, it’s such a nice thing that she treated. But still, it’s interesting to think about how etiquette goes when everyone at the table is literally a movie star.

The cast, which also includes Laura Dern, Zoë Kravitz, and Shailene Woodley, went on to talk about etiquette.

Kravitz noted that both her and Woodley offered to take over the bill at some point.

But, they were turned down.

Perhaps they assumed it was due to the fact that they’re a little younger than the other leading ladies, which is the first reason I’d think of.

Kidman went on to say that technically, it was more about role.

She and Witherspoon are both executive producers, so in a way it’s kind of like your boss picking up a group lunch.

Even so, that doesn’t paint Kidman in the best light, if she’s also clutching her purse shut when the bill arrives.

Even if the conversation was lighthearted, it obviously struck a bit of a cord with Witherspoon at some point.

The general conversation was simply unsettling for Woodley.

“Don’t even get me started,” she reportedly said. “This is very upsetting to me.”

It turns out that a lot of us are confused about what to do in a situation like this.

After The Guardian published their article, many people reacted on Twitter saying it’s a situation we, as people, haven’t figured out yet.

It also brought up a different topic. “What do people think of me if I pick up the bill?”

Because as mentioned, it can sometimes be about your position and amount of success.

Could Witherspoon be saying that she’s left with it since she views herself as the most successful?

Or, do people just think she’s the easiest to take advantage of in a situation like that? Maybe we’re overthinking a lighthearted conversation, but it DOES make us think about all the situations we’ve been in when someone has covered the bill. Has it ever made you feel grateful but a little bit embarrassed? Have you wondered if you should have gotten the bill instead? Or just made more an effort to split the bill even if that takes more time and we’re told that as adults “someone should just cover the whole bill”?

Personally, I’m under the impression that the dinner held by the Big Little Lies cast may include awkward pauses until someone, presumably Witherspoon, states “the bill’s on me.”

This is why it’s always good to pay for what you order solo.

That, or if you plan to treat, announce it beforehand.

Then, people will know the range in what to order and have a lead to follow before the dreaded check part of the dinner takes place.

Still, a lot of it falls on what type of lunch or dinner it is.

If the cast is hanging out as girlfriends, that’s one thing. But if it takes place around the time the show is filming, and everyone is on set prior to heading out, it seems like Witherspoon and Kidman would be in charge of the bill.

Can you imagine being in a situation in which your boss assumed that the administrative assistant would pay for their meal?

So, hopefully, Witherspoon understands that these actions probably weren’t malicious.

Are there hard and fast rules? Not really. We did some digging to see what the general consensus was… feel it out. But here’s what we found on the internet:

When you’re with friends…

Let each party pay for themselves. As in, individuals pay for their own meals, and couples pay together. That is the best way to avoid uncomfortable and annoying situations.

A meal with one other person…

Either pay for your own meal, or cover it with the expectation that the friend will get you next time. If you feel confident that’s the case, that is.

A birthday meal…

It’s usually common courtesy to pay for the birthday gal/guy’s meal, so it’s easiest to just split the check evenly and let the server know to divide that person’s meal (tricky, but it can be done).

A work event…

Even this article states it’s almost a guarantee either your supervisor will cover the bill, or the company will. So don’t sweat your order — it’s most likely going on the corporate credit card anyway.

Big Little Lies is expected to start up this June. So far, HBO hasn’t given an official date.

Also no word on whether or not Streep will be joining the other girls at every dinner.

Check etiquette aside, that’s a table I think the world would be dying to sit at.