Beware: Meghan Markle’s Favorite Tea Will Make You Run To The Bathroom

meghan markle tea

During my pregnancy, I depended a lot on caffeine-free tea to help settle some nausea and aid in digestion — primarily ginger tea and raspberry leaf tea. Prior to, I wasn’t much of a tea drinker. So, according to Meghans Mirror, Meghan Markle is already ahead of the game with her pregnancy, as she was all about tea even before her big move to England. Unfortunately, her favorite pre-pregnancy tea likely wouldn’t fly today, which adds one more thing to her list of faves she’ll need to part with.

But, there’s good news too — and that’s that Meghan Markle’s favorite tea is available for us non-royals at a pretty decent price. It’s called Kusmi green tea detox blend and tastes like lemongrass. It’s surely refreshing, but with “detox” in the title, it might not be something you’d want to sip on shortly before traveling. Or, while trying to get through your first trimester.

The Kusmi site boasts that you can get roughly 50 cups of tea from their 4.4 oz tin, which retails at $23.90. They also sell 25 tea bags for just over 23 dollars, if you don’t want to make a big commitment.

Markle isn’t the only one who loves it — the tea has five out of five stars on their website.

Not feeling brave enough for a detox? Markle also reportedly enjoys Licorice & Peppermint tea from Teapigs, a company based out of London, and Fortnum & Mason Royal Blend Tea. Luckily, you don’t have to travel to London to get either. The first is sold on Amazon, and you can buy 50 bags for just a little over 23 dollars. The second retails for $15.95 on Williams-Sonoma.

Tea is also symbolic for Markle. While she no longer has her own social media accounts after joining the royal family, she posted a picture of her teapot right as rumors were spreading about her relationship with Prince Harry back in 2016. In a way, she subtly wanted to announce that romance was brewing. Pun intended. (You can see the teapot in the Twitter photo above!)

While Kusmi’s tea may not be our… cup of tea, we’re definitely going to give Markle’s other two faves a try!

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