Meghan Markle Baked Banana Bread For A Royal Visit, And Honestly, It Looks Kinda Basic

meghan markle

As a member of the British royal family, Meghan Markle certainly has a packed schedule. Between public appearances, trips abroad, and announcing her pregnancy (congrats, btw), Markle found the time to bake up banana bread for a royal visit to Dubbo, Australia. (Reports of the duchess having three secret clones of herself have yet to be confirmed, or denied.)

Markle and Prince Harry paid a visit to Dubbo’s Mountain View Farm, where they met with the Woodley family, who has been farming the land since the late 19th century. Together, they discussed the impact of the drought and potential adaptation strategies. After their business meeting, the royals joined the Woodley family for tea and afternoon treats — including banana bread baked by the Duchess of Sussex herself.

According to Daily Mail royal correspondent Rebecca English, Markle whipped up her banana bread the night before in the kitchen of Sydney’s Admiralty House, where Markle and Prince Harry are staying for part of their visit.

The royal couple also brought along “Royal Blend” tea from Fortnum and Mason to be sipped alongside the fruity loaf.

No shade to Meghan Markle or anything — but there’s really nothing royal about her banana bread. Perhaps her baking style is rooted in her fairly ordinary American upbringing.

English reported via Twitter that, although it may have looked less than dazzling, Markle’s bread was a hit with those who attended the tea party. “It has chocolate chips in [it] and a bit of ginger (and I can personally attest to the fact that it is rather nice!),” English wrote.

We’re taking mental notes for our next banana bread endeavor.

If Markle, who often wrote about food on her now-defunct personal blog The Tig, was ever to release a cookbook, our fingers are crossed that this banana bread would be in the Desserts section.

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