Surprise! Meghan Markle Released A Cookbook Today: Here’s What To Expect

First you knew her as an actress, and then you knew her as a member of the royal family. But now, you can add “author” and “chef” to that resume as well. Even though Meghan Markle has been slipping her fans cooking tips for years (remember that sexy pasta sauce?) on The Tig, her now defunct lifestyle blog, she decided to bring back her cooking expertise in the very best way by releasing a cookbook. Even better, there’s a wonderful story behind it.

Markle’s book isn’t like Chrissy Teigen’s two books, nor like most other celebrity cookbooks. One big difference is that it was officially created by a community, filled with recipes from multiple women. After a fire in 2017 left many families without a place to cook, The Hubb Community Kitchen was formed to help serve families in West London. The entire process really brought women and their community together — but still, they fought for their cause to be funded. That’s when Markle stepped up.

Impressed by their mission, Markle wanted to ensure that the kitchen could stay open seven days a week. Called Together, she even included a foreword, further proving that the women behind the community kitchen are truly dear to her heart.

The Kensington Palace also stood behind Together, making sure to promote it on social media.

The book is incredibly affordable, which is another perk. Released today, the 25th, the book is reportedly retailing for $16.99. Amazon is currently selling it for even less, for $10.45. Not only will you get amazingly inspired recipes, but you’ll be helping a wonderful community.

Buy it here!


Curious about the recipes? According to Penguin Random House, you’ll be getting everything from Coconut Chicken Curry to Caramelized Plum Upside-Down Cake. It’ll be an incredible addition to your cookbook collection.

As for Meghan Markle, fingers crossed that she reveals another special recipe of her own pretty soon. Without a doubt, she has a knack for cooking.


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