People Were Obsessed With Pippa Middleton’s Dress Because It Looked Like A Can of Arizona Iced Tea

pippa middleton arizona iced tea dress

The royal wedding has officially come and gone, and it certainly was as exciting as we all thought it would be. Meghan Markle looked stunning and elegant in both of her white gowns (one for the ceremony, which was a simple, long sleeved Givenchy, and the dress she wore for the reception was a long, backless Stella McCartney number), Princess Charlotte stole the show with her adorable antics, and (we’re assuming) the royal wedding cake was a huge hit (because how can cake not be a huge hit?). There was so much to focus on, in fact, that some important details even managed to go overlooked. For example: Pippa Middleton was at the royal wedding, and while she looked gorgeous as usual, that wasn’t the only reason her ensemble was noteworthy. Pippa’s dress looked almost exactly like a can of Arizona iced tea.

Duchess Kate’s sister showed up to the royal wedding in an ensemble that was perfect for the beautiful spring weather: a light pastel shade with a floral pattern that matched her hat. The only thing? It was also a spot on match for the infamous Arizona iced tea can — you know, the green tea made with ginseng and honey (which, just saying, is delicious). The silk dress, made by The Fold, a popular British brand, was a light green color with flowers that could have come off the can itself. Once you see it, you really can’t see anything else.


Fans found the similarities to be quite amusing, and we can’t blame them.



Between the colors and the floral pattern, it’s hard to imagine that this iced tea wasn’t the inspiration behind the dress! If it was, though, it was pretty genius — it is an aesthetically pleasing design.


The dress garnered even more attention for Pippa, who is said to be expecting her first child with husband James Matthews. You can’t see a hint of a baby bump under her dress, though.

Still, most people were a big fan of her dress:

Let’s hope Pippa keeps stealing the show wherever she goes!

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