Prince George And Princess Charlotte Have A Holiday Tradition That Has Us Scratching Our Heads

royal family holiday tradition

December is the best month for holidays — not only did Hanukkah start this week, but Kwanzaa will start up on December 26th. And as per usual, Christmas falls on the 25th. That means it’s time for food, celebration, and of course, presents. But when you’re a member of the royal family, your normal Christmas morning may seem a little different. You’ll still get presents and a visit from the guy in red, but they might be placed in a slightly different spot.

Instead of having one tree that they’ll gather around and decorate together, Prince George and Princess Charlotte each have their own trees in their bedrooms. And that’s all thanks to their grandmother, Carole Middleton. She thought it’d be fun for each grandkid to get their own to decorate. The big question is: When will Prince Louis be big enough to join in?

Kate Middleton didn’t deny the claims, reportedly letting a crowd in Leicester know that the kids “started all their Christmas songs and the Christmas trees are going up.” So there’s definitely more than one in play.

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Even though it seems like a lot (especially as far as pine needles are considered), it’s totally sweet that the kids get to express themselves in their own individual ways. It wouldn’t be surprising if they also collected new ornaments every year, as kids often do.

It’s so good to know that Kate Middleton and Prince William make a point to celebrate with both sides of the family. Let’s hope that Kensington Palace will make a point to share Charlotte and George’s wonderful tree art to the public.

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