Prince Harry Was Spotted At A Bar Without Meghan Markle, And People Are Rioting

Prince Harry goes to bar

Is Prince Harry back to his party boy ways? Um, not really. Harry, along with a casually-dressed team of security guards, was spotted at The Sands End pub in Fulham, London on Wednesday, January 30th — without wife Meghan Markle. Of course, such a sighting revved up the rumor mill. But hey, a prince can hang by himself (and his security detail) if he wants to.

But didn’t Meghan ban Harry from drinking during her pregnancy? As previously reported, sources claim that yes, this is true. Or at least, Meghan inspired Harry to abandon his unhealthy habits, which included drinking and eating junk food. However, we suppose when the cat is away the mouse will play, which is exactly what Harry did.

Meghan, who is six months pregnant with the couple’s first child, attended an event on Wednesday evening at the National Theater in London. This is the Duchess of Sussex’s first visit to the National Theater since inheriting the patronage of the NT from Queen Elizabeth II about two weeks prior.

While Harry was enjoying a pint, Meghan saw a fantastic show inspired by War Horse put on by schoolchildren from Edith Neville Primary School in Camden. She then met current and former apprentices from the NT’s trainee program, as well as young actors and actresses involved in the theater.

And earlier in the day, Harry attended the Commonwealth Youth Roundtable today at Lancaster House in London. There, he spoke to “Youth representatives from Commonwealth countries such as India, Fiji, Ghana and Jamaica, about the issues currently facing young people — and the work they are doing to drive change,” according to the Kensington Royal Instagram page.

On top of all of their royal duties, the couple is also planning a major move into Frogmore Cottage in Windsor before baby Sussex arrives. Meghan and Harry are shooting to be settled into their new home by March.

With so much going on in their lives, it’s totally fair that Harry wanted to get in a bit of fun before their next engagement. Or, you know, he could be entering pre-baby-freak-out mode.

All eyes are (and have been) on the royal duo as “baby watch” is entering into its final phase. Six months down, three more to go.

In fact, people have been weirdly intrigued by the way Meghan cradles her baby bump. Like, there’s been entire news segments about it.

People are actually getting into fights over Meghan’s baby bump. We wonder if the Duchess knows about this…

Well, a bowling ball probably isn’t that far off from what baby Sussex feels like. She probably needs the extra support.

Luckily, many are finding this “news” as ridiculous as we do. Just leave her be.

We would think it weirder if she was just totally ignoring her bump. Wouldn’t you?

Sadly, the royal couple (and baby Sussex) will be apart for their first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife on February 14th. Prince Harry, the Captain General of the Royal Marines, must attend a military event in the Arctic Circle.

So, come February 1st (aka, today), Harry and Meghan will attend several joint events before Harry leaves. They’ll first head to Bristol on the 1st to learn more about the community and local heritage.

And then they’ll attend the Endeavor Fund Awards, a ceremony that recognizes the achievements of wounded, injured, and sick servicemen and women.

If Harry wants to hit up the pub again while Meghan’s busy, we certainly hope he gives us a ring. We’re hoping to recreate this person’s dream in real life:

Harry — shoot us a text. Or maybe an official royal email.

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