Someone Tried To Prank Queen Elizabeth By Ordering Her This Food

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Surely, Queen Elizabeth has a little fun on occasion. But when it comes to food, she likely won’t take any risks in the name of a prank.

A fan of the royal family reportedly ordered four pizzas to be delivered to Buckingham Palace, leaving the delivery driver extremely confused. Now, it’s not totally unreasonable for someone in the palace to want a pizza. But, the whole story is a little ridiculous and should have led to the store manager asking more questions.

According to The Takeout, four large cheeseburger pizzas were ordered by someone named “Elizabeth.” Unfortunately, the queen herself denied ever placing such an order. It’s unlikely that she even eats pizza, as Kate Middleton more or less admitted. And if she did, it probably wouldn’t be from Domino’s. (Sorry, Domino’s — you have an important place in the world, but probably not at Queen Elizabeth’s dinner table.)

The poor delivery driver was actually stopped at the gate by security guards, leading to what may have been the most tense moment ever. Who knows if he even put the pieces together that by “Elizabeth,” it was probably “Queen Elizabeth.” But, the good news is that the pizzas didn’t go to waste.

Even though they didn’t make their way in, the security guards reportedly had no problem digging in. What else would you do in that situation?

“We didn’t quite make it past the gate, but the four large cheeseburger pizzas seemed to go down pretty well with the police officers on duty. Next time, Your Majesty,” the Domino’s store manager, Zsuzsanna Queiser, said to The Sun.

So, who placed the call? Interestingly enough, they were able to track it down.

The Sun also reported that the call was placed from a London Victoria store. So, perhaps this might be the start of a prank war between the two Domino’s locations.

Queiser, thankfully, thought the whole ordeal was pretty amusing. “We’ve always suspected the Queen was a secret Domino’s fan and the order to Buckingham Palace almost confirmed our suspicions,” they said.

It was also revealed to be a prank, as the order was for “cash on delivery.” Can you imagine the queen coming out to collect her four pizzas with a wad of bills?

The image is funny, but not very practical. Surely there’d be a protocol in place if anyone at Buckingham Palace felt inspired to order delivery.

So, let’s really think about this whole situation. Because if the queen was inspired to order a pizza, it probably wouldn’t have a burger topping.

That’d be too risky. Instead, I can picture her ordering a standard cheese pizza.

It’s a classic favorite, and there’s not a lot that can go wrong. Domino’s would just have to ensure that there was no garlic involved — Queen Elizabeth isn’t a fan.

Cheese would also be a hit, since Queen Elizabeth reportedly isn’t much of a foodie. So, you probably wouldn’t see her stacking ham and pineapple on a slice anytime soon.

Instead, she eats more for energy. So, her typical diet may be one that you’d personally consider to be a little bland, but as she’s currently 93 years old and still active, she clearly knows what she’s doing.

If you want to eat like a literal queen, you’d not only ditch the garlic. According to Reader’s Digest, Queen Elizabeth also doesn’t eat pasta or potatoes all that often based on the amount of starch.

She also prefers to eat food seasonally, which means that strawberries served up in the wintertime wouldn’t make the cut. If it’s genetically modified , Reader’s Digest stated she’s not interested.

At the very least, hopefully the queen got a good laugh over this goof. That must have been an interesting phone call from the guards.

Maybe she’ll use this prank as a reason to give Domino’s pizza a shot. You know they’d hook her up with a complimentary pie if she was ever a little curious.

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