You Will Be Shocked By What The Queen Of England Eats For Breakfast

the queen's breakfast

When you’re the Queen of England, you can live life the way you please. Sure, there are royal standards that should be upheld, but when breakfast is concerned, you can probably eat whatever you want. Especially when you’re Queen Elizabeth II and have had that title for 65 years. But the Queen actually keeps things simple, and reportedly has a go-to breakfast selection that may very well be the same thing you ate this morning. Hint: it’s a popular cereal.

No, it’s not Lucky Charms — even though it’d be pretty sweet to see the Queen enjoy a bowl of marshmallows. It’s Special K, which is also a delicious choice. The news was revealed due to a feature in the International Business Times, which went over her standard routine. Because, well, the world is really curious.

Prior to her proper breakfast, the Queen wakes up and enjoys a pot of Earl Gray tea accompanied by some tea biscuits. After her bath, she’s ready for breakfast. Around  8:30 a.m., Special K is waiting for her in a tupperware, as she believes it’s the best method to keep cereal fresh. She’s not wrong.

The Queen also makes sure she puts her cereal in her own bowl, because even though she’s royalty, she’s still a strong woman who’s capable of serving herself if need be.

She also often pairs the cereal with fruit, since the two go together quite well.

But, it’s not always cereal for the Queen. Sometimes she fancies a hot breakfast like the rest of us. Her go-to favorite is reportedly scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and truffles, and she prefers brown eggs over white.

Feel the need to dine like royalty? Just order yourself a trusty piece of Tupperware and head to the cereal aisle.

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