This Royal Wedding Commemorative Plate Has a Huge Mistake And We’re Cry-Laughing

royal wedding

If you learn anything from the upcoming royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, let it be this: There is absolutely no limit to branded merchandise possibilities. The royal wedding has come with an impressive number of “souvenirs” you can buy online, specifically on Etsy, and it’s actually really fun to go through them all. From royal wedding party decorations to shirts to mugs, there’s something for everyone. While there are thousands of search results for “royal wedding,” there’s one piece in particular that is definitely worth checking out. We’re talking about a royal wedding commemorative plate that has a huge “mistake” on it. It’s so silly, in fact, that we haven’t been able to stop cry-laughing about it since we saw it.

It’s not that we’re making fun of the commemorative plate. Actually, it’s kind of amazing! It seems like the plate is popular despite (or maybe because of) the error — it’s listed as a “bestseller” on Etsy. That could be because, at first glance, you don’t notice it right away, or it could be because it’s just really spectacular. Take a good look at this commemorative plate, sold on the Etsy shop ModernChintz, to see if you can spot the hilarious mistake:


Notice the issue? Yes, that is the United Kingdom’s leading pop-star Ed Sheeran’s face where Prince Harry’s should be. And yes, it’s pretty weird that this happened and is being sold. Even weirder? We kind of love it.

The artist behind the plate, Lucy Bryant, is in on the joke. Bryant spoke with Bustle about her work, saying that she was inspired to create the plate after buying a royal wedding mug in 2014 that had Prince Harry’s face on it instead of Prince William’s. She told Bustle, “It really made me laugh, and when Harry and Meghan announced their engagement, I wanted to do something similar, but intentional. I chose Ed as the ‘wrong’ prince because he was the perfect redhead with his links to the royal family.”

If you take a look at the Etsy page for the plate, you’ll notice that there isn’t any line in the description letting users know that the mistake was intentional. Bryant explained why to Bustle, saying, “I didn’t want it to appear contrived and to come across as a genuine mistake. People started tweeting about it, then The Daily Mail picked up in it, and after that I received many, MANY messages informing me, helpfully, that it was Ed and not Harry on the plate.”


The plate is still available to be purchased on Bryant’s Etsy shop (for $35.06), and is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to shake things up in regard to the royal wedding. The shop has other royal options, too, if jokes (or Ed Sheeran) aren’t really your thing.


Just be sure to get your plate of choice soon — with all of the press this is getting, they’re sure to sell out eventually.

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