The Casserole Dish You’ll Want To Show Off This Thanksgiving

thanksgiving casserole dish

November seems to be flying by, so naturally I’ve already researched options for my Thanksgiving menu (it will be here before we know it!). But having recently moved into a new apartment, I don’t own proper kitchenware, let alone a casserole dish, which is a serious problem. There’s no way I’m bringing one of those cheap foil tins to Thanksgiving dinner with my boyfriend’s family. Nope, not happening.

I’m not one to splurge on things I feel I really don’t need, but when it comes to baking supplies, my wallet knows no bounds. I recently saw the most beautiful dish I have ever seen and could not resist. I pictured my side dish in the Heirloom Rectangular Baker, a stunning red porcelain casserole dish, and I knew had to see this through.

You can buy it here.

So Yummy

Obviously, I had to try it out before the big day. My crispy sourdough cubes, deeply-colored kale, and melty cheese-filled casserole turned out better than I imagined. First off, it just screamed “holiday season” in the red casserole dish. It also baked extremely well in the oven — the dish itself wasn’t too heavy, which made it easier to transport from the oven to the dinner table. The dish also heated very quickly, which meant my cooking times didn’t have to be increased, a major plus on fully-planned days like Thanksgiving.

Apparently, having an actual casserole dish is a very powerful thing because now, all I want to do is show it off. I’m already looking ahead to Christmas, but I think all of my future meals in between will just have to be casserole dish-compatible!

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