Actual Proof That Eggs Should Not Be Made On The Stove

egg hack

Getting up early enough to actually cook something for breakfast is rarely a reality for me. It all comes down to time management, which I am usually good at, unless I have to do it before noon. It doesn’t help that I love savory breakfasts — omelettes, quiches, breakfast sandwiches, pretty much anything with eggs in it and I’m sold.

There are so many barriers to making yummy egg breakfasts, like the mess it leaves, the risk of overcooking and sticking to the pan, and the overall time it takes to make. I’ve found some products that are supposed to make cooking eggs easier, but I’m not going to lie, I’m skeptical of any solution other than a stovetop one. However, I tried out the Lékué Microwave Egg Cooker, and to my (pleasant) surprise, it gave me perfectly-cooked eggs!

You can buy it here.

All I had to do was pour eggs and omelette fillings (I chose onions and spinach) into the cups, pop them in the microwave, and I had these little portable omelette cups in no time at all. I never thought I’d eat microwave-cooked eggs, let alone humor the idea, but I’m glad I tried it. Using the microwave egg cooker is so much easier than getting a pan and making a full-size omelette. And it happens to be more foolproof — the eggs are harder to overcook and all potential of spills is gone thanks to the lid.

I’m no longer a skeptic. I fully believe in the power of microwavable egg cookers, and can’t wait until I can stop using the stove for anything ever again.

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