Here’s A Sneak-Peek Of Our Huge So Yummy Black Friday Sale

black friday sale
black friday sale

Black Friday is right around the corner, so we know everyone’s already scouting out the best deals. Good news for food lovers — So Yummy is having some amazing sales, like free shipping from the 23rd to the 25th, 3o% off select products, and 25% off of everything on the site (except for cookbook bundles) with the code FRIDAY25.

Here’s an exclusive look at some Black Friday deals you won’t want to miss. Happy shopping!

Coaster Dipped Angle

The best way to be stylish while making sure your guests don’t leave water rings on your table.

Decorative Hanging Cheeseboard

Get yourself a cheeseboard so fancy, you can decorate with it.

Dessert Hacks Cookbook 

So Yummy

Betty Crocker, who?

Jumbo Ice Trays

Why settle for little ice cubes, when you can have jumbo ones right at your fingertips?

Giant Cube Ice Molds

Impress your guests, not only with your cocktail-making skills, but also with the giant ice cubes their drink comes with.

Giant Ice Ball Molds

Ice cubes are so overrated — ice balls, anyone?

Unforgettable Cakes Cookbook

So Yummy

When we say unforgettable, we mean unforgettable. 

Silicone Suction Lids

Plastic wrap is annoying and not great for the environment, but these are fun, effective, and reusable!

Cheese Billboards

The cutest way to not mix up the Gruyere and the Manchego on your cheese board.

Chocolate Dreams Cookbook

So Yummy

To satisfy your wildest, most chocolate-filled dreams.

Lékué Microwave Bacon Cooker

The only way bacon should be made.

Moscow Mule Mug

Classic meets chic for all of your Moscow Mules.

Seasonal Desserts Cookbook 

So Yummy

‘Tis the season!

Patisserie Cake Stand

Upgrade your dessert table with this classy cake stand.

Chicklet Egg Holder

There is no cuter way to hold your soft-boiled eggs.

Lékué Egg Poacher Set

A foolproof way to always have perfectly poached eggs.

Classic Cookbook

So Yummy

Everything you could want and more.

Lékué Microwave Egg Cooker

This is proof that eggs should never be cooked on the stove.

Speakeasy Bundle

The perfect excuse to finally start learning how to make cocktails at home.

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