An Inside Look At So Yummy’s Cyber Monday Sale

cyber monday

People who participate in Black Friday shopping, the ones who actually leave the house and go to the stores, are the bravest people out there. I prefer to look forward to Cyber Monday, when I can stay at home in my pajamas and still get super good deals. Luckily for the other stay-at-home shoppers out there, So Yummy is having some amazing deals for Cyber Monday — like free shipping for Monday and Tuesday, 25 percent off sitewide with the code MONDAY25, and 40 percent off select products.

Here’s a sneak peek at just some of the items you’ll want to snag.

Rustic Slate Cheeseboard

So Yummy

Look like a master party host with a cheeseboard fit for a royal gathering.

Gem Basket

So Yummy

Cute and functional don’t have to be separate.

Mixing Bowls

So Yummy

A neat way to get colorful in the kitchen.

Dough Rolling System

So Yummy

Floury countertops are a thing of the past.

Expanded Bento Box

So Yummy

Just like eating takeout, but classier and so much more fun.

Copper Mixologist Set

So Yummy

Here’s the excuse you need for making cocktails whenever you want.

Stainless Steel Food Flask

So Yummy

Who said you can’t control the temperature (of your food)?

Lékué Springform Pan With Ceramic Plate

So Yummy

Make perfect baked goods and serve them without dirtying another dish.

Lékué Surprise Cake Kit

So Yummy

Equipped with everything you’d need to make a cake that’ll impress.

Microwave Grill Pan

So Yummy

Cooking delicious food is possible even in a studio apartment.

Lékué Microwave Rice & Grain Cooker

So Yummy

No burnt or mushy rice here!

Lékué Microwave Pasta Cooker

So Yummy

Think about the perks of the rice cooker (above), but with pasta.

Perfect Slice Cake Server

So Yummy

Cut, lift, and serve all in one swoop. A knife could never.

Copper Rim Crystal Coupe

So Yummy

Sip on some cocktails, but make it fashion.

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