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Sorry To Break It To You, But Your Ranch Dressing Contains This Unfortunate Ingredient

Let’s talk a little about ranch dressing, shall we? The popular salad topper was invented in the 1950s and quickly gained fans nationwide. In fact, for some, having a ranch dipper is the only way to eat veggies. If that’s a category you fall into, well, this likely isn’t news you want to hear.

Ranch dressing is known for two things — its impeccable taste and its white color. But ranch isn’t naturally white. In fact, there’s a chemical that gives ranch and other popular dressings, like blue cheese and Caesar, their color. It’s called titanium dioxide. “Well sure,” you might state, desperate to forgive. “Every food has some sort of chemicals in it. It’s sadly the way things are today!” And you’re right. But titanium dioxide is unlike some of the others due to the fact that it’s commonly found in sunscreen. Also, it’s been linked to cancer.

Titanium dioxide is unfortunately found in a bunch of white foods and products. It’s used to make the food appear more appetizing. But when you realize it’s also used in items like paint, you might very well lose your appetite.

UpNextDaily reports that those who suffer from IBS or have colon cancer usually have titanium dioxide in their system. So, suffice to say, it’s not too safe.

It’s probably not the news you wanted to hear, especially because ranch is one of the most popular dressings around. Sure, you always knew it wasn’t the healthiest veggie dipper, but you probably had no clue that it contained something that could cause inflammation and health issues.

The good news is that there are a lot of really great dressings out there that you can feel good about. This may be the perfect opportunity to go out and find a brand new favorite.