This Woman Found Part Of A Machine In Her Taco Bell Nachos

July 12, 2019

Whenever I place an order at Taco Bell (which is often), I always consider taking a look at their nacho menu. Most of them are the same — some kind of conglomeration of beans, cheese, and sour cream that, when eaten together, is the perfect summary of Taco Bell, taste-wise. They even have the option to customize your order and add guacamole if you want! Or, machinery!

Well, no. Not machinery. But one woman from Hudson Valley, N.Y., claims that her order of nachos came with a nacho cheese handle, which she initially thought was a doorknob.

This isn’t the first time this year that a customer of the fast food chain found something weird in their order. Back in May, someone found a boxcutter in their Taco Bell meal and posted about it online. According to Fox News, the only apology that particular Taco Bell location gave was, “sorry, it must have fallen in the box.” The corporation was a bit more apologetic, stating that customer safety was their top priority.

This customer, named Eve Saint on Facebook, posted the “doorknob” online and got quite a lot of responses. Posted on July 5th, Saint wrote, “TACO BELL IM COMING TO F*** SOMEONE UP REAL FUNNY PUTTING A F***ING DOOR KNOB IN MY NACHOS B*TCH”

For the record, yes. It looks like a doorknob. It’s also covered with sauces from the nachos.

On her page, friends asked her whether or not the image was fake. She said she wished it was.

“im hungry and waited in the drive through for 45 mins and im the only one who got a door knob,” her comment stated. Under those circumstances, you’ll definitely understand the need to use expletives.

Saint tried hard to let someone know, but it was reportedly difficult to get in touch with that location. When she finally did, they denied the allegation.

Eve Saint / Facebook

Saint found out that it was a nacho cheese pump handle days after initially posting the photo. That means that, unless she was studying Taco Bell machinery, someone called her back to try to handle the situation — pun unintended.

Even if she made peace with the situation, it likely has you wondering. What are the chances that this happened twice at Taco Bell?

That’s not even including the story of a cop who thought his Taco Bell burrito contained bleach. Supposedly, his tongue went numb after he started eating it.

To be fair, McDonald’s has had a recent incident as well. In March of this year, a guy found a razor in his son’s Happy Meal.

A story also floated around online about a kid finding a finger in his Happy Meal, but don’t worry. That one was fake. (Phew.)

Another possibly fake story was the woman who supposedly found a deep-fried chicken head in one of her meals. That one has fallen into the “urban legend” category of fast food horror stories.

Still, all of these stories — even the fake ones — will make you want to double-check everything that you’ve ordered. Nobody wants to die based on a fast food mistake.

Especially when you think you’re getting nachos. But instead, you’re getting large pieces of a machine.

Here’s the good news. There are plenty of Taco Bell locations out there — over 7,000, actually — and these three Taco Bell horror stories are the only ones we’ve heard this year.

Still, all of these incidents could have gone the other way. So, Taco Bell is very lucky that nobody got hurt.

At the very least, we know that Taco Bell doesn’t have a stash of doorknobs laying around to give to unsuspecting customers. Because that’d just be weird.