12 Genius Pie Hacks You Knead to Bookmark Right Now

pie hacks

I’m only here for the pie. 3.14159? Nope, not that kind of pie. I’m talking about that yummy, warm or cold (I’m looking at you, pumpkin pie) delicacy that’s filled with your favorite fruits, veggies, nuts, chocolate, or anything else you can dream of. Every bite gets you hooked and before you know it, you’re three pies deep, there’s no more whipped cream left, your couch is covered in delicious crumbs, and you’re alone with your sweet, sweet thoughts. And no, there is nothing wrong with that.

When it comes to pie, we are all about quality over quantity. Each pie should be crafted with love to make the finished product that much more satisfying. I mean, is anything better than curling up with a warm slice of pie after a rough day — especially if you took the time to make it yourself? Or serving it to your family and friends after you know how much time you put into it? There’s just something so communal about a pie, and it’s just kinda beautiful.

But anyway, on to the baking tips and tricks. Though baking your own pie might seem like a chore, it doesn’t have to be. Keep the following hacks in mind and you’ll be golden — just like your pie crust! And once you’re done, we wouldn’t mind a slice with some ice cream on top. Please and thank you!

1. Cut it off.

Use scissors to remove any excess dough from your pie’s top layer.

2. Easy cleanup.

Use wax paper to avoid sticky messes. No one likes to clean when they could be eating pie instead.

3. Cracking is cruel.


To prevent your pie from cracking, turn off the oven once the treat is fully baked, leave the oven door open, and allow the pie to fully cool.

4. The perfect bite every time.

Press your dough into an ice cube tray and then fill each “cube” with your desired stuffing. Bonus: This makes the pie perfect for dunking into melted chocolate or sweet icing.

5. You can use almost anything to imprint a design onto your pie — like a puzzle piece…

Are you seeing the big picture?

6. …or a fork…

Here’s the thing: If you put a fork in my hand, don’t expect there to be ANY pie after the fork is put away.

7. …or a clothespin…

I mean, those things are always hanging around the house with nothing to do.

8. …or even a doily…

You know Grandma would love this. Just lay your doily of choice on your crust and use a rolling pin to press the design onto the dough.

9. Ingredients on the go.

Use a food processor to mix your crust ingredients for a quick hack.

10. Honey, I shrunk the dough.

If your dough is sticky, roll it in flour and knead it before you wrap it up in plastic wrap. This prevents the dough from shrinking.

11. Pit check.

Pit your cherries by placing them on the top of an open soda bottle and then push through the center of them with a chopstick. Pits begone!

12. No pie pan necessary.

Use a casserole dish to create pie bars, the more fun version of granola bars.

For more, you can check out our pie hacks video:


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