15 Candy Names You’re Likely Pronouncing Wrong

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For the most part, we don’t care what a candy is called — we’ll eat it without question. However, if you’re a stickler for names and correct pronunciations, we’re here to lend a helping hand. Below, we’ve listed 15 candies that you may be pronouncing inaccurately with the correct pronunciation listed underneath.

Some may argue that the pronunciation of certain candy names is all relative and dependent on one’s local dialect. And yes, those people would be absolutely correct. However, we took it upon ourselves to track the root pronunciation and origin of these specific candies so you can school your friends on how a candy brand or name is *supposed* to be pronounced.

We’re effectively helping you become the candy police, which, in our opinion, is a very prestigious position to hold.

As mentioned, at the end of the day, the taste of the candy is really what’s important here. So, rather than dwell on how to mutter the name, focus on the flavor. The sweet tooths (teeth?) of the world won’t beat you up for mispronouncing the name of their favorite confection — they’re too sweet to call anyone out, after all.

Without further sugar coating, let’s unwrap this list so you can tailor your candy expertise.

1. Caramel

You probably say: “car-mel”

You should say: “care-ah-mel”

Although, both are technically correct, the above pronunciation is a North American English pronunciation in which the second syllable has completely disappeared for some reason.

2. Godiva

You probably say: “goh-dee-vah”

You should say: “goh-die-va”

3. Hot Tamales

You probably say: “hot ta-ma-leez”

You should say: “hot ta-ma-lehs”

*If* you want to get *really* technical with your Hot Tamales.

4. Guylian

You probably say: “goo-lee-ahn”

You should say: “gill-ee-ahn” (With a hard G.)

5. Riesen

You probably say: “rie-sen”

You should say: “ree-san”

6. Pocky

You probably say: “paw-kee”

You should say: “poe-kee” (This is the original Japanese pronunciation.)

7. Nougat

You probably say: “noo-gat” or “noo-gant”

You should say: “noo-get”

8. M&M’s

You probably say: “em-en-ems”

You should say: “em-and-ems”

But like, who really says that?

9. Skor

You probably say: “sk-oar”

You should say: “sk-ayr”

Skor is actually supposed to be spelled Skör, which is the Swedish word for “brittle.” However, Hershey decided against including the umlaut in the branding. Skor without the umlaut is actually Swedish for “shoe.”

10. Jujubes

You probably say: “ju-jubes”

You should say: “ju-ju-bees”

There’s a bee on the box for a reason.

11. Ferrero Rocher

You probably say: “feh-reh-ro ro-shayr”

You should say: “feh-reh-ro ro-shay”

12. Ghirardelli

You probably say: “gih-ra-dell-ee” (With a soft G.)

You should say: “gih-rar-dell-ee” (With a hard G and that second R.)

13. Reese’s Pieces

You probably say: “ree-cees pee-cees”

You should say: “ree-ces pee-ces”

14. Kinder

You probably say: “kine-der”

You should say: “kin-der”

“Kinder” is the German word for “children.” Hence where the word “kindergarten” comes from.

15. Bonbons

You probably say: “bon-bons”

You should say: “boh-boh”

Release your inner French chef.

All this sweet talk is making us hungry, how about you?

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