15 of the Best Ways to Make Your Groceries Last Longer


These hacks will help keep you out of the grocery store every week.

1. Store Lemons in Water


This will give lemons a three-month lifespan.

2. Leafy Greens Should be Stored With a Paper Towel


The paper towel will absorb all moisture and guarantee freshness for a least a week.

3. Store Onions in Pantyhose


Onions will stay fresh up to six months if you use this method for storing. Make sure a knot is tied after each individual onion.

4. Place Herbs in Fridge with Water Covering  Stems


Herbs need water in order to survive longer than a week.

5. Wrap Plastic Around Banana Stems


Covering the stem will keep bananas ripe longer.

6. Place Your Tomatoes Facing Down and NOT in the Refrigerator


Keeping tomatoes face down will prevent air from entering through the stem, which causes it to rot.

7. Keep Cucumbers at Room Temperature


If placed in the refrigerator a cucumber can be prone to water-soaked areas.

8. Don’t Store Milk in the Fridge Door 


The temperature on the door will fluctuate too frequently and spoil your milk early.

9. Glass Food Storage Containers 


Glass storage containers should be used for storing food. Plastic containers should be used for to-go meals.

10. Give Berries a Vinegar Bath and Store with a Paper Towel 


Soak your berries in about 1 1/2 cups of water and 1/4 of vinegar for five minutes then rinse. Next, store the berries in a container with a paper towel inside and your berries will last up to two weeks.

11. Store Cheese with Butter on It


Put butter on the sliced surface of the cheese to extend the freshness of your cheese.

12. Cut Half an Inch off the Bottom of Asparagus


If half an inch of the asparagus is cut off and the asparagus is placed in water while refrigerated it will remain fresh for over a week.

13. Put the Ice Cream Container in a Plastic Bag


This will keep your ice cream soft and prevent freezer burn.

14. Store Potatoes with Apples


Storing your potatoes with an apple or two will keep them from sprouting.

15. Store Marshmallow in Your Brown Sugar


This will keep the clumps away.

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