21 Simple-As-Pie Keto Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes

keto brownie valentine's day dessert

Following a strict diet such as the ketogenic, or keto, diet doesn’t mean you have to forgo the sweets this Valentine’s Day. In fact, most of the keto-friendly desserts we’ve stumbled on would absolutely satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth — including those who aren’t following the keto diet. Rather than opt out of spending time with your true love (chocolate) on Valentine’s Day, make one, two, or all of these easy keto desserts to enjoy with your loved ones, or by yourself. Hey, self-love is important, people.

For those of you who aren’t sure what foods are and aren’t acceptable to eat on the ketogenic diet, we can help you break down the list. The keto diet is a high-fat, low-carb diet that helps transition your body into ketosis. When in ketosis, your body burns fat for energy at a rapid rate and turns fat into ketones within the liver, which help improve your brain function.

There are several different versions of the keto diet one can follow, with each allowing certain percentages of protein, fats, and carbs. However, for each version, general rules apply. Sugars, grains and starches, fruits, beans, root veggies, and low-fat foods should all be avoided, whereas meats, fatty fish, eggs, butter and dairy, nuts, oils, and low-carb veggies are encouraged.

Now that you know the basics, let’s dive into this list of goodies you can make for yourself or your keto valentine.

1. Easy No-Bake Keto Cheesecake Bites

These cheesecake bites from The Mermaid with Muscles Blog are so incredibly simple to make and are actually shaped and frozen in an ice cube tray. Pop a couple out for an after-dinner treat, or load up an entire plate (we won’t tell).

2. Flourless Macadamia White Chocolate Chip Cookies

The original recipe for these Flourless Macadamia White Chocolate Chip Cookies from The View From Great Island is not totally keto. However, as one fan of the blog commented, swapping out the sugar for Swerve, or another keto-friendly alternative, will make these divine cookies 100% keto. And this is great news, because these cookies are to die for.

3. Keto Lemon Bars

Layla Atik / Gimme Delicious

Present something sweet and tart to your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. These keto-friendly Lemon Bars from Gimme Delicious are super moist, packed with citrus flavor, and only set you back about four net carbs per bar.

4. Keto Pignoli Cookies

Mellissa Sevigny / I Breathe I'm Hungry

These pignoli cookies from I Breathe I’m Hungry are low-carb, but still maintain their melt-in-your-mouth consistency. Using just six simple ingredients, including keto-friendly granulated erythritol sweetener and almond flour, you can whip up a batch of pignoli cookies for your valentine in just over 20 minutes.

5. Low Carb No Bake (Except for Base) Chocolate Cake

This chocolate cake from the Keto Diet Channel is basically a block of fudge with a brownie base. It’s so rich and delicious, yet contains no sugar or gluten. You’ll want to have this cake in your fridge for Valentine’s Day (and every other day).

6. Keto Thumbprint Cookies

Mellissa Sevigny / I Breathe I'm Hungry

The red sugar-free strawberry preserves in I Breath I’m Hungry’s Keto Thumbprint Cookies are absolutely perfect for a Valentine’s Day dessert. Low in carbs, and gluten-free, these cookies are a keto take on the classic thumbprint recipe, yet you won’t be able to tell the difference.

7. Mint Cream Keto Cookies

Oreos have gone keto thanks to The Mermaid with Muscles Blog. These delicious minty sandwich cookies are just like your old faves, just made a lot healthier.

8. Keto Tiramisu

This classic layered dessert has gone keto thanks to the Keto Diet Channel. Coffee-soaked cookies layered between a mascarpone and cream cheese whipped cream filling will make you believe in true love.

9. Keto Meringue Cookie Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars

Keto Diet Channel’s Meringue Cookie Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars are crunchy, fudgy, and freezer-friendly. They’re a peanut-buttery way to show your valentine you love them.

10. Keto Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake

Mellissa Sevigny / I Breathe I'm Hungry

Woah — talk about decadent. I Breathe I’m Hungry’s Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake looks and tastes like it would be far from keto friendly. But this jaw-dropping cake is actually low-carb, gluten-free, and Atkins-friendly. Roasted hazelnuts teamed with cocoa powder and cream cheese is basically Nutella in cake form.

11. Easy Pecan Fudge Fat Bombs

It wouldn’t be a keto-friendly list without including a fat bomb. This Pecan Fudge Fat Bomb recipe from The Mermaid with Muscles Blog only have 1.4 net carbs per serving and you only need five ingredients to make them. Woo your valentine with fudge and win Valentine’s Day.

12. Keto Chocolate Buttercream MeringueTower Cake

Keto Diet Channel’s crispy, baked meringue paired with creamy chocolate buttercream is the ultimate combo. Your valentine will fall hard for this keto-friendly tower cake — a unique spin on a classic chocolate cake.

13. Keto Pumpkin Cheesecake

Layla Atik / Gimme Delicious

Sure, fall may be in the past — but pumpkin never goes out of style. These creamy, cinnamon-y, pumpkin cheesecake bars from Gimme Delicious will make your valentine fall in love with you all over again. See what we did there?

14. Keto Fat Head Cinnamon Babka with Cinnamon Glaze

If your valentine is a cinnamon head, this Fat Head Babka is going to be a winner. The cheesy Fat Head dough paired with both the smooth cream cheese and cinnamon fillings is a match made in heaven. Walnuts are optional and add a wonderful crunch.

15. Easy No-Bake Keto Almond Butter Brownie Bites

In just about 5 minutes (plus 20 minutes in the freezer), you can whip up a batch of No-Bake Keto Almond Butter Brownie Bites from The Mermaid with Muscles Blog. Packed with nuts, almond butter, and cocoa powder, these little guys are sweet, satisfying, and pretty addicting.

16. Keto Espresso Chocolate Cheesecake Bars

Mellissa Sevigny / I Breathe I'm Hungry

You think your caffeine addiction is bad now? Just wait until you try one of these Espresso Chocolate Cheesecake Bars from I Breathe I’m Hungry. Made with full-fat cream cheese, instant espresso powder, and cocoa powder, these things are lethal — in the best way possible.

17. Keto Chocolate & Caramel Mousse Cake with Coffee Caramel Glaze

This cake from Keto Diet Channel combines the best of all worlds. You’ve got your coffee, chocolate, caramel, and vanilla cinnamon sponge cake. There’s something for everyone in this simple dessert.

18. The Best Low Carb German Chocolate Cupcake Recipe

This may be the simplest keto-friendly cupcake recipe you’ll ever see (and maybe the best you’ll ever taste). Besides coconut flour and Lakanto Monkfruit granulated sweetener, you probably have everything else in your kitchen cabinet. Thank you, The Mermaid with Muscles Blog, for making the keto life easy.

19. World’s Best Keto Brownies

You heard it here first. These are the World’s Best Keto Brownies, brought to you by Gimme Delicious. If you like your brownies rich and fudgy, these are definitely for you. And with each brownie only containing one net carb, go ahead and eat two…or three.

20. Keto Cannoli Stuffed Crepes

Mellissa Sevigny / I Breathe I'm Hungry

Save these Keto Cannoli Stuffed Crepes from I Breathe I’m Hungry for after dinner or serve them for Valentine’s Day brunch. They’re simply cannolis made with crepes, and they taste like they’re straight out of Italy.

21. 3 Step No-Churn Keto Coffee Ice Cream

Who would have thought that you could make ice cream from avocados? The Mermaid with Muscles Blog did, and this keto-friendly coffee ice cream is the perfect addition to any of the above chocolatey Valentine’s Day treats.

Keto definitely doesn’t have to be sweets-free. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day and save a bite for us, please!

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