Be Clever Forever with These 9 Produce Hacks

produce hacks

It’s almost Summer and that means our favorite produce is about to be in season. Be prepared and get the most out of your produce with these 9 clever hacks.

Mild Jalapeños

Give your jalapeños a roll on the cutting board, cut off the end, and tap out all of those spicy seeds.

Materials needed:

  • knife

Forgotten Knife?

If you’re someone who never leaves the house without their floss then you’re the hero at the next picnic.

Materials needed:

  • dental floss

Easy-Squeezy Lime

Cut your lime and wring it out like you would a towel for optimum juicing!

Materials needed:

  • knife

Easy Pitting

Don’t become a victim of the avocado hand. Cut your avocado into quarters to easily remove the pit.

Materials needed:

  • knife

Kiwi Extractor

Ditch the spoon and knife!

Materials needed:

Cauliflower Rice

Cut down on the carbs and make your next curry dish with cauliflower rice!

Materials needed:

Mess-Free Corn Stripping

Position a can in the middle of a large bowl and catch all of the corn you cut off the cob.

Materials needed:

  • bowl
  • can
  • knife

Seedless Lemonade

Use a toothpick to keep all of those seeds out of your drink or from going all over the place.

Materials needed:

  • toothpick

Stemless Strawberries

Quit wasting your strawberries when removing the leafy stem. Just pop those suckers off with a straw!

Materials needed:

  • straw

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