Chrissy Teigen Just Tweeted A Cooking Shortcut Every Millennial Woman Needs In Her Life

chrissy teigen cooking shortcut

Chrissy Teigen — model and Queen of Twitter and clapbacks — has been known to take to social media to share her cravings and culinary creations, so it’s really no surprise she published an actual cookbook. Cravings came out in 2016 and a sequel cookbook is coming out super soon. Which, bless. Her recipes are amazing. (Her fried chicken with spicy honey butter recipe changed my life, forever). There’s no question about it — Chrissy Teigen gets down in the kitchen, y’all.

And as you probably know (and if you don’t, come on, spend more time on Instagram stalking celebs — it’s fun, we swear), Chrissy Teigen is also married to singer/songwriter John Legend and they have two beautiful children together: Luna, their two-year-old daughter, and newborn Miles (those cheeks!). Amidst all the craziness (Teigen giving birth last week, her amazing antics on Twitter, and the upcoming release of her second cookbook), it makes sense girl took to Twitter about her recently discovered cooking technique and recipe. We at So Yummy love cooking shortcuts, so we were immediately #obsessed.

The cooking technique? Sheet-pan meals. The recipe? Sheet-pan chicken with chickpeas, cumin and turmeric from The New York Times.

So, sheet-pan meals are nothing new. Pinterest fanatics probably know this best — the easiest way to plan a meal is by throwing all your ingredients on to a sheet pan, adding spice and herbs, and calling it a day. Pretty convenient, right? And that chicken and chickpeas recipe looks divine. I’m sure anyone who does a fair amount of cooking will appreciate this tip, but mothers especially. The time you save! Less juggling multiple pots and pans! It’s a dinner dream. And Chrissy Teigen, mom to two, totally gets it.


Teigen also recently tweeted that her approach to cooking has changed since have her second child. More sheet-pan meals? Hell yeah. We hope to see more simple recipes with shorter steps in her second cooking book.

I don’t even have children yet, and here I am struggling daily with simple food reheating. Luckily, I have Chrissy Teigen tweets to guide me when I do reach kid number two. Keep being a supermom Chrissy because the world needs this second cookbook sooner than later, k?

Not in the mood for chicken? Here’s a cheesy sheet-pan meal the So Yummy team developed that is quick and fulfilling for an entire family.

Thank you for the constant culinary inspo, Chrissy!

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