Table Etiquette Around the World That May Surprise You

In the United States, Americans typically serve dinner at 6 PM. Families eat between 30 minutes to an hour, clean their plates, and move on with their day. Dinnertime is a window into different customs, cultures, and traditions which can teach us more about each other.

Have you ever wondered what dinner etiquette looks like around the world?


Woman hand holding knife and fork cutting grilled beef steak on stoned plate. Selective focus

Always cut your food.

Use a fork in left hand and a knife on your right and slice your food…..


Don’t use a fork to put food in your mouth. 

When served a rice dish, use the fork only to guide food onto your spoon. Any food that is not part of the rice dish may be used with a fork to eat. Although using the fork to eat rice is a no-no, there is one utensil that is more offensive: chop-sticks. Don’t use chopsticks to eat rice.



Incredible beach and crystal water awaits

Pass all dishes to the left. 

This is a common practice in England, Germany, and France. When passing food, always pass to the left.


Swedish summer Midsommar Midsummer celebration dinner party

Take off your shoes. 

If you are invited to a Swedish home for dinner, be prepared to slip your shoes off at the door.


coffee cappuccino with beautiful pattern on marble table top view

Only drink cappuccino before noon.

There are a few different theories as to why you’ll never catch an Italian drinking a cappuccino after 3 o’clock. Some think it is because it can be hard on your stomach towards the end of the day.

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