This Life-Saving Dole Whip Hack Will Let You Skip The Crazy Line At Disney

dole whip disneyland

There are so many reasons to visit Disney. The rides are fun, the characters are legendary, and the food is absolutely amazing. Seriously — the crew at Disney knows how to make guests happy. And nothing makes customers happy like the Disneyland Dole Whip.

The concoction — which is a soft-serve, pineapple-flavored frozen treat — is one of the most popular at Disneyland. According to Bon Appetit, Dole began sponsoring Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room way back in 1976. They didn’t have Dole Whips at that time, but they did serve pineapple juice. It was in the ’80s when the Dole Whip was created, and it proved to be an instant hit.

Even though it’s been around for a while, Disney fans should still expect a massive line in order to get their hands on a Dole Whip. So that’s why this brand new hack is something that every customer should know before their big summer trip.

Anna Monette Roberts from PopSugar may regret spilling her secret, since it turns out that there’s another place to order the treat that’s not as obvious. It’s the back side of the Tiki Juice Bar.

Roberts said that all you have to do is go through the turnstile to the Enchanted Tiki Room, make a right, and then you’ll see the back of the bar. She did note that not as many people work in the back — which might change after more people start frequenting that area — so you may still need to have a little bit of patience.

Another notable part of her hack is that you can then enjoy your Dole Whip on the patio. You’ll want to savor every bite, so might as well do so in a comfortable place.

Even if you end up waiting in line, it’ll be well worth it.

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