This Genius Pizza Hack Solves Your Biggest Phone Problem, And The Internet Is Obsessed

white pizza topper hack

It’s 2018, and (almost) everyone has a smartphone. While our phones have solved a lot of problems (googling questions we have, using our flashlight app when we’re looking around for things in the dark, ordering dinner without leaving the couch — you name it), there’s still one element that neither Apple or Android have solved. An easy way to access your phone when you don’t have the spare hands for it. We desperately need a phone stand sometimes (ever try to follow a recipe with hands covered in marinara sauce or dough?). The struggle is real.

Which is why when we found this genius reddit hack, we were like, #problemsolved. If you’re looking for a stand quickly, you might want to check the cafeteria and hope someone ordered pizza — since reddit user GowBeyow thought up the perfect hack to DIY your own.

When I was a kid, I always saw the white, plastic delivery pizza topper as a Barbie table, even though Barbie’s legs wouldn’t even fit in it. (Hey, with just a little imagination, you can accomplish anything.) This hack takes that same concept of reusing the topper, but actually turns it into something functional.


Redditor GowBeyow realized that if you just cut one leg of the three on the topper, you can fashion your own stand. After showing the pictures of the new stand in action on the lifehacks subreddit, others chimed in to say that they’re shocked it’s so functional.

“That actually looks like it could solve a problem, be cheaper and easier than buying one, and use something convenient that many people have access to. It’s not even dangerous. I feel like I’m in a different sub,” a user named NewOhm joked. The post itself, which is four months old, has over 500 comments.



Really, it’s as simple as that. And even better, you get to order a pizza.


Just in case you’re curious, since I was, here’s some information about the pizza topper and how it became a staple. According to Gizmodo, it was invented in 1983 by a woman named Carmela Vitale. Its function is simple — to separate the top of the pizza box from the actual pizza, to make sure nothing gets squished during its travel. Since pizza typically keeps its temperature pretty well inside the box, often times the steam causes the box to droop in the center. So, that one piece of plastic makes a big difference.


The world can thank Vitale for saving our pizzas, and now, making sure our Smartphones have a cheap place to be displayed. She’s truly a hero.

And if you’re like, “This pizza-phone hack was genius, please do give me more hacks,” you are in luck, dear readers. Watch our kitchen hack video So Yummy created below. We promise they’ll change your life forever.

You’re welcome.


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